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Offspring of SC Europa's Jubii Email, JW, DSM, M, NFO n 09 22, 2004-07-25, DK/DK127 offspring
GIC Europa's Liv DatterFNFO n 09 222003-04-16DK/DK9 offspring
 Europa's Lakrids JarlMNFO n 09 222006-06-19DK/- No offspring
 Europa's Land JordMNFO n 09 222006-06-19DK/- No offspring
 Europa's Lilla JuvelFNFO n 09 222006-06-19DK/- No offspring
IP Europa's Liv JuniorMNFO n 09 222006-06-19DK/DK No offspring
SC Fyrendal's AfroditteFNFO f 232005-01-08DK/DK12 offspring
 Fyrendal's GarfieldMNFO d 09 232007-12-24DK/DKNo offspring
SC Fyrendal's GladiatorMNFO a 09 232007-12-24DK/DK 57 offspring
 Fyrendal's Grace KellyFNFO g 09 232007-12-24DK/DKNo offspring
 Fyrendal's Greta GarboFNFO n 232007-12-24DK/DK4 offspring
SC Europa's Hilde DatterFNFO n 09 232006-12-21DK/DK21 offspring
SW'11 PR CH Europa's Danske JoachimMNFO n 222008-06-03DK/NO 13 offspring
 Europa's Danske JokumMNFO n 02 212008-06-03DK/- No offspring
CH Europa's Danske JacobineFNFO n 02 212009-02-04DK/DK No offspring
 Europa's Dåse JuiceFNFO a 09 222009-02-04DK/- No offspring
 Europa's Den JydskeMNFO a 09 232009-02-04DK/- No offspring
 Europa's Dronning JubaFNFO a 232009-02-04DK/- No offspring
SP CH Europa's Dusør JægerMNFO a 02 212009-02-04DK/DK 2 offspring
IC Europa's Danske JakobineFNFO n 222016-04-04DK/DK 4 offspring
 Europa's Ditte JørgensenFNFO n 02 21 642016-04-04DK/- No offspring
 Europa's Dronning JuttaFNFO n 03 222016-04-04DK/-No offspring
GIC Mar'Michel's U'arda UtchiFNFO ns 09 232002-08-01SE/DK17 offspring
 Europa's Ulve JammerMNFO n 222006-11-11DK/- No offspring
SC Europa's Unikke JubileeFNFO ns 09 222006-11-11DK/DKNo offspring
IC Europa's Jytte HildenFNFO n 222001-09-02DK/DK32 offspring
GIC Europa's Halelu JaMNFO n 222007-11-21DK/CH 1 offspring
 Europa's Hans JensenMNFO a 09 222007-11-21DK/- No offspring
 Europa's Hella JoofFNFO n 222007-11-21DK/- No offspring
 Europa's Have JordMNFO n 222010-10-26DK/- No offspring
 Europa's Her Kommer JegFNFO a 222010-10-26DK/- 1 offspring
GIC Europa's Hubertus JagtMNFO n 09 222010-10-26DK/DE21 offspring
 Europa's Hyben JubaFNFO n 222010-10-26DK/DE18 offspring
SC Rimturser's Cha Cha ChaFNFO f 09 222005-10-27DK/DK 12 offspring
 Dannebro's FannyFNFO n 09 222007-07-04DK/- No offspring
IC Dannebro's Flying DutchmanMNFO d 03 222007-07-04DK/PT 62 offspring
IC Dannebro's Flyvende FarmorFNFO n 03 222007-07-04DK/DK5 offspring
GIC Dannebro's Forest GumpMNFO n 09 222007-07-04DK/DE23 offspring
 Dannebro's Fred FlintstoneMNFO d 09 222007-07-04DK/CH 8 offspring
IP Dannebro's Frk. VipseFNFO n 03 222007-07-04DK/DK No offspring
 Dannebro's FrodoMNFO n 09 222007-07-04DK/- No offspring
 Zimexis Tequila SunriseFNFO f 232004-03-24SE/DK21 offspring
 Europa's Tante JørgensenFNFO n 09 232006-05-29DK/- No offspring
IP Europa's Tarok JuniorMNFO e 09 222006-05-29DK/DK No offspring
 Europa's Tomat JuiceFNFO f 09 222006-05-29DK/FR No offspring
 Europa's Traktor JensMNFO e 222006-05-29DK/- No offspring
 Europa's Trolde JasMNFO d 09 222006-05-29DK/- No offspring
GIC Tassajara's WynjaFNFO n 092004-01-08SE/DK 16 offspring
 Dannebro's Egon OlsenMNFO n 09 222007-03-07DK/- No offspring
GIC Dannebro's EleanorFNFO n 09 222007-03-07DK/IT 7 offspring
 Elkington's VIP SynneFNFO n 09 232004-09-15DK/DK 5 offspring
 Elkington's L'SpectacularMNFO n 09 222009-02-24DK/DK No offspring
 Elkington's Lucky LukeMNFO n 09 242009-02-24DK/NL 3 offspring
 Elkington's CasseopayaFNFO n 03 242006-11-11DK/DK 8 offspring
 Elkington's MadonnaFNFO a 09 222009-08-04DK/- 2 offspring
 Elkington's MakebaFNFO a 09 222009-08-04DK/- No offspring
 Elkington's Michael JacksonMNFO n 09 232009-08-04DK/- No offspring
 Elkington's MoccachinoMNFO n 09 242009-08-04DK/- No offspring
SC Zalethco's Donna Maria, DVM, DSMFNFO g 09 232008-04-10DK/DK 21 offspring
 Zalethco's Madam BlåFNFO g 09 222010-04-15DK/- No offspring
CH Zalethco's Marilyn MonroeFNFO n 03 222010-04-15DK/DKNo offspring
 Zalethco's Miss Frida KahloFNFO f 03 232010-04-15DK/DK 9 offspring
IC Zalethco's Mr. BeanMNFO e 232010-04-15DK/NL 4 offspring
 Zalethco's Mr. MundiMNFO a 09 232010-04-15DK/- No offspring
 Zalethco's Mr. TinklesMNFO d 09 232010-04-15DK/- No offspring
 Europa's Flæske StegFNFO n 02 212009-08-11DK/DK 11 offspring
 Europa's Skatte JagtMNFO n 09 222010-10-06DK/- No offspring
 Europa's Sommer JobMNFO n 03 222010-10-06DK/FI No offspring
 Europa's Sovse JævnerFNFO n 09 222010-10-06DK/- No offspring
PR CH Europa's Spørge JørgenMNFO n 02 212010-10-06DK/DE No offspring
 Europa's Stolpe JasMNFO n 02 212010-10-06DK/- No offspring
 Europa's Sveske JuiceFNFO n 03 232010-10-06DK/RU 1 offspring
IC Europa's Lækre TøsFNFO n 09 222008-05-04DK/DK25 offspring
 Europa's Tante JohanneFNFO n 03 222011-06-22DK/- No offspring
 Europa's Taxa JulieFNFO n 222011-06-22DK/DE3 offspring
 Europa's Tom JonesMNFO n 09 222011-06-22DK/- No offspring
 Europa's Trope JuiceFNFO a 03 222011-06-22DK/- No offspring
 Europa's Trucker JytteFNFO n 09 222011-06-22DK/-No offspring
IC Europa's Træsko JetteFNFO n 222011-06-22DK/NO No offspring
 Europa's Tango JalousiFNFO n 09 222012-09-11DK/- No offspring
 Europa's Tante JulleFNFO a 222012-09-11DK/- No offspring
 Europa's Tekno JackMNFO a 09 222012-09-11DK/- No offspring
 Europa's Trolde JaneFNFO n 03 222012-09-11DK/DK No offspring
 Europa's Trusse JetteFNFO n 09 222012-09-11DK/- No offspring
 Europa's Trømmer JensMNFO n 03 222012-09-11DK/- No offspring
 Toonscat's ZivaFNFO gs 09 232009-02-18DK/DK 18 offspring
PR Toonscat's GasolinMNFO ds 03 232011-09-24DK/DK No offspring
 Toonscat's GeishaFNFO a 09 232011-09-24DK/- No offspring
 Toonscat's GoodyearMNFO n 03 232011-09-24DK/- No offspring
GIC Family's SkakmatFNFO f 092008-11-05DK/DK 7 offspring
 Family's Harry PotterMNFO n 232012-07-18DK/- No offspring
 Family's KendisMNFO d 09 222012-07-18DK/- No offspring
 Family's LollipopMNFO d 09 232012-07-18DK/- No offspring
 Family's MadonnaFNFO n 09 232012-07-18DK/- No offspring
 Family's Time BanditMNFO n 09 232012-07-18DK/- No offspring
GIC Fyrendal's MyladyFNFO f 09 242011-01-03DK/DK 4 offspring
GIC Potefryd's AlbaFNFO f 09 222012-11-09DK/DK 5 offspring
 Potefryd's AlvildaFNFO n 09 232012-11-09DK/- No offspring
PR Potefryd's AmbrosiusMNFO n 09 222012-11-09DK/DK No offspring
 Potefryd's ArchibaldMNFO n 222012-11-09DK/- No offspring
IC Smedegaard's The Last PearlFNFO n 09 232011-06-19DK/DK 6 offspring
 Seecom's HarmonyFNFO n 03 232012-11-29DK/- No offspring
 Seecom's Here and thereMNFO n 09 232012-11-29DK/- No offspring
 Seecom's Hi-5MNFO n 232012-11-29DK/- No offspring
 Seecom's HighlanderMNFO n 03 232012-11-29DK/- No offspring
 Seecom's HonestyFNFO n 09 232012-11-29DK/- No offspring
IC Seecom's HonourFNFO n 09 232012-11-29DK/DK No offspring
IC Europa's Huldre TøsFNFO f 222011-08-21DK/DK 9 offspring
 Europa's Herre JakkeMNFO n 222013-03-09DK/- No offspring
 Europa's Holger JernhestMNFO a 09 222013-03-09DK/- No offspring
 Europa's Holger JuhlMNFO n 09 222013-03-09DK/- No offspring
 Europa's Honning JulieFNFO f 09 222013-03-09DK/- No offspring
GIC Chiara av Litenfoss, DVMFNFO g 02 21 622013-07-13AT/DK 19 offspring
 Colletto's Florian SilbereisenMNFO n 09 232014-07-23DK/FR No offspring
 Colletto's Giulia EngelsFNFO g 09 242014-07-23DK/SE No offspring
SW & CH Colletto's Hansi HinterseerMNFO d 02 21 622014-07-23DK/SE23 offspring
SC Colletto's Andrea Berg, DVM, DSMFNFO g 02 21 622015-05-21DK/DK12 offspring
 Colletto's Bernhard BrinkMNFO e 02 21 622015-05-21DK/- No offspring
 Colletto's DJ ÖtziMNFO a 09 232015-05-21DK/DK No offspring
 Colletto's Helene FischerFNFO g 03 232015-05-21DK/NLNo offspring
 Colletto's Semino RossiMNFO n 09 242015-05-21DK/FR No offspring
 Colletto's Udo JürgensMNFO e 09 232015-05-21DK/- No offspring
SC Migoto's Mone, DSM, DVMFNFO n 222010-11-19NO/DK 17 offspring
 Europa's Måne JordMNFO n 222014-06-25DK/- No offspring
 Europa's Marie JetteFNFO a 09 222014-06-25DK/- No offspring
 Europa's Mester JacobMNFO a 09 222014-06-25DK/- No offspring
 Europa's Moder JordFNFO n 222014-06-25DK/- No offspring
 Europa's Mr. JubiiMNFO n 222014-06-25DK/- No offspring
 Europa's Solo EmmaFNFO n 09 232012-08-19DK/DK 9 offspring
 Europa's Sommer JordbærFNFO n 02 21 642015-06-22DK/NO No offspring
 Europa's Stærke JydeMNFO n 232015-06-22DK/- No offspring
 Europa's Sukker JordbærFNFO n 02 21 642015-06-22DK/- No offspring
 Europa's Søster JaneFNFO n 09 232015-06-22DK/- No offspring
IC Europa's Danske Malke KoFNFO n 02 21 642014-10-08DK/DK 3 offspring
CH Europa's Karl JohanMNFO n 03 222016-09-11DK/DK 5 offspring
 Europa's Klaus JørgenMNFO n 02 21 642016-09-11DK/- No offspring
 Europa's Kønne JeppeMNFO n 09 222016-09-11DK/- No offspring
 Bullerfnis BriannaFNFO w 632014-11-04DK/DK 15 offspring
 Gistebo's ChampagneFNFO n 232016-11-16DK/- No offspring
 Gistebo's ChanelFNFO w 622016-11-16DK/- No offspring
 Gistebo's CherieFNFO n 232016-11-16DK/-No offspring
 Gistebo's ChopinMNFO w 622016-11-16DK/- No offspring
 Gistebo's ConradMNFO w 632016-11-16DK/- No offspring
CH Europa's Mange TakFNFO n 09 222015-07-20DK/DK 5 offspring
 Europa's Maren JulleFNFO a 09 222017-04-03DK/- No offspring
 Europa's Marius JuniorMNFO n 03 222017-04-03DK/- No offspring
 Europa's Max JuniorMNFO a 09 222017-04-03DK/- No offspring
 Europa's Moder JordFNFO n 09 222017-04-03DK/- No offspring
 Europa's Mælke JungeFNFO n 09 222017-04-03DK/- No offspring
IC Fyrendal's WanessaFNFO f 242015-05-15DK/DK 4 offspring
 Fyrendal's ØjestenFNFO n 09 232017-07-17DK/DK No offspring
 Fyrendal's ØnskebarnFNFO n 09 222017-07-17DK/DK No offspring
 Shadowpaw's NuggetFNFO ns 03 232014-06-11DK/DK 17 offspring
 Shadowpaw's Chianti ClassicoMNFO as 09 232018-05-31DK/- No offspring

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