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Offspring of Humphrey Bogart of Noah's Ark, M, MCO n, 3/30/06, DE/DE12 offspring
CH Willowplace HocuspokusFMCO f 09 221/30/00US/DE10 offspring
 Qaramba Kukki of Noah's ArkFMCO f 09 227/6/07DE/FRNo offspring
IC Quenta Silmarillion of Noah's ArkFMCO n 227/6/07DE/DE3 offspring
GEC Valinor Powerpack of Noah's ArkMMCO n 222/17/08DE/FR7 offspring
 Peanuts Lucy VPelt of Noah's ArkFMCO n 229/3/09DE/DE3 offspring
 Willowplace DyvyneFMCO fs 228/29/01US/DE6 offspring
 Rhiannon Diamond of Noah's ArkFMCO ns 227/11/07DE/DE6 offspring
 Kithara's B├ęsame MuchoFMCO f 09 225/12/07DE/DE1 offspring
 Kithara's Sgt. PepperMMCO d 09 225/15/09DE/DE2 offspring
 Maydyn Heaven of Noah's ArkFMCO ns 09 225/28/99DE/DE15 offspring
IC U'r My Blue Velvet of Noah's ArkFMCO a1/10/08DE/DE 3 offspring
 U'r My Lady Grey of Noah's ArkFMCO a 091/10/08DE/DE1 offspring
 Q-Desmond L. of Noah's Ark de Garden EvecoonMMCO ns11/5/09FR/- 2 offspring
 Q-Paris Carver of Noah's ArkFMCO ns 2211/5/09DE/-No offspring
 Y'R So Precious of Noah's ArkFMCO f 09 222/21/12DE/DE2 offspring
 Noorah Cole of Noah's ArkFMCO n 228/16/13DE/-No offspring
 Almageste Bilgi HanemFMCO n 2211/16/06FR/FR16 offspring
 Luscinia Jaina Kenza AlmagesteFMCO n 2210/2/14FR/DE2 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.