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Offspring of Bigfoot Eric Stormbringer, M, MCO ns, 4/2/00, GB/GB11 offspring
 Sylvamaine GoldberryFMCO f 09 214/10/04GB/GB3 offspring
 Brilthor DakotaFMCO ns 2210/5/07GB/-No offspring
 Brilthor Barlett MayraFMCO as 227/4/09GB/-No offspring
 Kittyville Yin YangFMCO ns 094/8/06GB/GB4 offspring
 Brilthor BreezeMMCO ns 09GB/GB2 offspring
 Brilthor HurricaneMMCO as 093/10/08GB/SE19 offspring
 Brilthor Blackberry wayFMCO ns 092/8/09GB/-No offspring
 Brilthor ArtaganMMCO ns8/2/09GB/GB26 offspring
 Jacksontails SofiaFMCO fs3/22/06GB/GB2 offspring
 Brilthor AmaltheaFMCO fs6/4/08GB/- No offspring
 Oakenshield ShudraFMCO f 09 2210/5/07NL/GB 2 offspring
 Brilthor AragornMMCO ds 09 2311/2/08GB/GB No offspring
 Brilthor JurraFMCO f 09 2211/2/08GB/GB 3 offspring
 Brilthor ValaromaFMCO ns 09 235/10/07GB/GB2 offspring
 Brilthor CharmeurMMCO ns 09 22GB/FR3 offspring
 Brilthor Pearly GatesFMCO w 62GB/GB 1 offspring
 Brilthor Miss MoneypennyFMCO as12/18/11GB/GB 3 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.