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Offspring of IC Tuscaloosa Ivanhoe of Chafervalley, M, MCO n 09 22, 2005-07-17, AT/DE6 offspring
CH Chafervalley JordanFMCO f 222005-01-17DE/DE 2 offspring
GIC Chafervalley NevadaFMCO n 09 222007-01-08DE/DE 2 offspring
 Chafervalley NortonMMCO d 09 222007-01-08DE/DE No offspring
 Mountaineer's Kissimee of CoonattackFMCO gs2003-07-14DK/DE10 offspring
CH Coonattack Hey Tortie TudeFMCO f 092007-03-09DE/DE1 offspring
GIC Coonattack Redding Red HandedMMCO d 222007-03-09DE/DE15 offspring
 Chafervalley JenaFMCO n 09 222005-01-17DE/DE1 offspring
 Sheherazade ArizonaMMCO n 222009-06-30DE/DK19 offspring
 Magic Lake TigerladyFMCO n 232006-05-25DE/DE5 offspring
 Chafervalley QuilcaneFMCO n 09 232010-01-24DE/-1 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.