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Offspring of IC Floresta Leaò's Mulan, F, NFO d 09 22, 1999-02-07, DK/DK7 offspring
IC La Forêt's O'MalleyMNFO ns 092000-08-17DK/DK 52 offspring
EC Floresta Leaò's RejaFNFO f 09 222001-12-21DK/DK 5 offspring
CH Floresta Leaò's OliveaFNFO f 09 222002-12-21DK/- 2 offspring
 Floresta Leaò's OliverMNFO d 09 222002-12-21DK/- No offspring
GIC La Forêt's Imponerende Samson, DMMNFO n 09 231999-03-29DK/DK 90 offspring
 Floresta Leaò's PumbaMNFO d 09 222001-04-20DK/- No offspring
 Floresta Leaò's SarabiFNFO g 09 232001-04-20DK/- No offspring
 Floresta Leaò's TimonMNFO d 09 232001-04-20DK/- No offspring
 Floresta Leaò's ZiraFNFO f 09 232001-04-20DK/- No offspring

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