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Offspring of EC Floresta Leaò's Reja, F, NFO f 09 22, 2001-12-21, DK/DK5 offspring
EC Rimturser's ReturnMNFO w2001-08-03DK/DK 47 offspring
 Bjerglossen's ChloeFNFO a 09 222004-03-19DK/DK1 offspring
 Bjerglossen's FnuggiéFNFO w2004-03-19DK/DKNo offspring
GIC Bjerglossen's MöjlnerMNFO w2004-03-19DK/DK19 offspring
EC Bjerglossen's Reja's Den FøresteFNFO a 09 222004-03-19DK/DK 6 offspring
 Bjerglossen's ZilleFNFO a 092004-03-19DK/- No offspring

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