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Offspring of Ravencoon Lord of the Dance of Racoone, M, MCO ns 22, 2004-11-13, DE/BE11 offspring
 Racoone MercedesFMCO n 222000-03-13BE/BE 7 offspring
 Racoone Celtic SpirittFMCO ns 22BE/BE 2 offspring
 Racoone Silver StarFMCO ns 222006-04-13BE/FR 3 offspring
 Heaven's Angel of Gentle LionsFMCO d 23CZ/BE 1 offspring
 Racoone Willy WonkaMMCO ds 232006-12-24BE/FR No offspring
 Racoone VanityFMCO f 22BE/- 4 offspring
 Racoone Sundance of CastillacoonFMCO ns 22BE/ES 3 offspring
 Racoones Kentucky of RavencoonMMCO ns 22  1 offspring
 Racoone Alegra of Mount SteeleFMCO ns 222006-12-02BE/DE 1 offspring
GCH Racoone Kentucky of RavencoonMMCO ns 222006-12-02BE/- 13 offspring
 Racoone Desert RoseFMCO f 212004-04-20BE/FR 3 offspring
 Racoone Chipsy GirlFMCO fs 222007-03-09BE/NL 8 offspring
 Racoones Penelope CruzFMCO f 222005-05-22BE/BE 9 offspring
 Racoone SinghaFMCO ns 22BE/BE 2 offspring
 Racoone TessyFMCO ns 222007-08-17BE/PL 8 offspring
 Racoone's VanityF  1 offspring
 Harmony of BeyrouthFMCO f 22  1 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.