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Offspring of IC Iidaroosan Faustino, M, MCO n 09, 3/19/05, FI/FI17 offspring
CH Fairouz Bella NotteFMCO f 239/20/04FI/-10 offspring
 Mibella's Curious CaiusMMCO d 2310/17/06FI/-No offspring
 Mibella's Curious CalistaFMCO f 2310/17/06FI/FINo offspring
 Mibella's Curious CasanovaMMCO d 2310/17/06FI/-No offspring
CH Mibella's Curious CelesteFMCO f10/17/06FI/FI3 offspring
 Mibella's Curious CeliaFMCO n10/17/06FI/FI3 offspring
 Mibella's Curious ClaraFMCO n 2310/17/06FI/-No offspring
 Mibella's Curious CleopatraFMCO f10/17/06FI/FI2 offspring
 Mibella's Curious CosmoMMCO d 2310/17/06FI/-No offspring
CH Pinewoods MirielFMCO g 09 223/15/05FI/FI 9 offspring
 Boghole Miss GarboFMCO n 09 244/12/07FI/- No offspring
 Boghole Miss GardnerFMCO f 09 244/12/07FI/- No offspring
 Boghole Miss GarlandFMCO f 09 224/12/07FI/- No offspring
 Boghole Miss GoddardFMCO f 09 234/12/07FI/- No offspring
 Boghole Miss GoldbergFMCO n 244/12/07FI/- No offspring
 Boghole Mr GarfieldMMCO d 09 234/12/07FI/- No offspring
 Boghole Mr GarnerMMCO d 09 224/12/07FI/- No offspring
 Boghole Mr GibsonMMCO n 224/12/07FI/- No offspring
 Boghole Mr GrantMMCO n 09 234/12/07FI/- No offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.