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Offspring of NORDCH AMCH SUCH DKCH NV NCH Tribuns Ralph Lauren, M, 12/5/9621 offspring
 Lancaru'z Diana SpencerF2/15/95  1 offspring
 Lancaru'z Julianna JungfrulinF  4 offspring
AMCH Goosedown's Tailored LadyFDark Brindle8/17/99  7 offspring
 Brumar's Time To RockM  1 offspring
AMCH Brumar's I'm Gonna Rock Your WorldFBrindle5/21/02  No offspring
CANCH Cairwick Sloane RangerFRed3/17/00  1 offspring
 Cairwick Kamryn KirnFWheaten Brindle4/13/02  No offspring
AMCH CANCH INTCH Hjohoo's Hjo Want It Hjo Got ItFSilver Brindle3/17/98  4 offspring
CANCH Greatscot How Swede It IsMSilver Brindle12/12/02  5 offspring
 Marquees No Jacket RequiredMBrindle12/12/02  4 offspring
AMCH Twigbent NeirasF3/15/98  2 offspring
AMCH Twigbent O'LaurenM6/5/01  4 offspring
AMCH Twigbent ObriarM6/5/01  No offspring
SCH Pennypop's Mari PhilippeF1/8/94  8 offspring
 Pennypop's Grace KellyF1/20/98  No offspring
 Pennypop's James DeanM1/20/98  No offspring
 Pennypop's Natalie WoodF1/20/98  No offspring
 Tribuns MumintrolletF4/17/94  12 offspring
SCH DKCH Tribuns Karin LejonhjärtaFRed5/13/99  5 offspring
 Tribuns Karl LejonhjärtaMRed5/13/99  No offspring
 Tribuns Katarina LejonhjärtaFRed5/13/99  No offspring
 Tribuns Knut LejonhjärtaMRed5/13/99  No offspring
 Tribuns Kurt LejonhjärtaMRed5/13/99  No offspring
SCH DKCH NCH NORDCH INTCH Tribuns Elvira MadiganF9/15/91  10 offspring
 Tribuns Fiddler On The RoofMBrindle4/27/98  No offspring
 Tribuns NutmegF10/16/94  11 offspring
SCH Tribuns Halloween TrickM11/18/98  No offspring
SCH Tribuns HobgoblinM11/18/98  No offspring
AMCH Cairmar Angel FlightFWheaten, Black Mask1/23/00  5 offspring
AMCH Cairmar Flight of FashionFWheaten, Black point3/28/04  No offspring
AMCH Cairngold QuicksilverFWheaten Brindle9/1/96  2 offspring
AMCH Thistlegate Silver LiningFSilver Brindle2/7/03  3 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.