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Offspring of CH Dream Devil Upsala of Coco Island, F, MCO as 09 22, 2/20/02, DE/DE8 offspring
CH Asturia Prototype-JackMMCO e 227/19/01DE/DE 11 offspring
 Butterfly of Coco IslandFMCO gs 09 23DE/- 1 offspring
IC Beautiful Blaze of Coco IslandFMCO g 09 223/26/03DE/DE 3 offspring
CH Erasmus zur WaldemaineMMCO d 09 238/29/02DE/DE 7 offspring
 Coco Island Fancy Flanella of Little Forest LionFMCO f 092/2/04DE/DE 4 offspring
CH Coco Island FernandoMMCO n 092/2/04DE/NL 25 offspring
 Coco Island FidesseFMCO f 09 222/2/04DE/DE2 offspring
 Langstteich's C.C. Double-DreamMMCO es 09 226/20/03DE/DE 5 offspring
CH Coco Island IndianaMMCO as 09 22DE/DE 1 offspring
CH Coco Island IngaFMCO gs 09 219/17/04DE/DE 1 offspring
 Coco Island PercyMMCO as 2212/12/05DE/DE 1 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.