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Offspring of Nebulosan's Mailai Mingjiang, F, SBI n, 2001-12-04, SE/-8 offspring
EC & PR Kattnäs FamousMSBI n 212003-06-12SE/-34 offspring
 Hippocampus DelaforceMSBI n2004-07-21SE/- No offspring
 Hippocampus DolcettoMSBI a2004-07-21SE/- No offspring
 Hippocampus Domaine de ChevalierMSBI n 212004-07-21SE/- No offspring
 Hippocampus EstéeFSBI2005-03-03 No offspring
 Hippocampus GraceFSBI n 212006-11-08SE/SE 1 offspring
 Hippocampus IzaFSBI n 212007-03-09 No offspring
 Hippocampus IzitopMSBI n 212007-03-09SE/-4 offspring
 Hippocampus IzoldeFSBI n 212007-03-09SE/-1 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.