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Offspring of CH SaraJen Isle-of-Jura, F, MCO n 22, 9/1/97, US/US3 offspring
RW-SGC Kitty-Up Skrimshander of MannahattaMMCO ns2/19/98US/US20 offspring
IW-SGC SaraJen JaegermeisterMMCO n8/11/99US/US 43 offspring
RW-SGC Coonpulsive Big BendMMCO n 224/18/97US/US15 offspring
 SaraJen Chesapeake Bay of MattapanyFMCO n 2110/31/98US/- No offspring
IW-SGC SaraJen DewarsMMCO a 2210/31/98US/US 6 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.