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Offspring of GC Texas Belle Bria of Idlemaine, F, MCO f 09, 1997-09-24, US/US7 offspring
GC Daddys R-U Reddy 4 This of FoxykatsMMCO d 091997-04-29US/US 4 offspring
GP Idlemaine Burnt ToastMMCO n 21US/- No offspring
 Idlemaine Carousel DreamerFMCO f 01 221998-12-21US/- No offspring
RW-GC Idlemaine Dream Boat of Texas BelleMMCO n 091998-12-21US/- 2 offspring
CH Idlemaine Monet' of CoonunnskiFMCO f 011998-12-21US/US 3 offspring
 Solkatz Pretty Boy FloidMMCO a+d 09 22US/US5 offspring
 Idlemaine BaileyMMCO d 09 23US/- No offspring
CH-PR Idlemaine Britney of TrutailsFMCO f 09 231999-12-31US/US 1 offspring
GC Daddys Oreo Delight of Maroon CoonsMMCO n 091995-03-19US/US 4 offspring
 Dragonmaine SabastionMMCO n 092000-10-20  1 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.