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Offspring of Flyingcats Daisy of Miki Sanukis, F, SPH w 62, 1999-03-21, US/NL10 offspring
 Vande Balds Fetiche of Miki SanukisMSPH a 092001-09-10ZA/NL9 offspring
 Wrinkle Funny Face BeautyFSPH w  No offspring
 Wrinkle Funny Face KellyFSPH w  No offspring
 Wrinkle Funny Face Mystirous BeautyFSPH w No offspring
 Wrinkle Funny Face Will CoyoteMSPH w 63  1 offspring
 Yorklyn SchwarzkopfMSPH n1997-07-01  23 offspring
 Miki Sanukis FossaFSPH fNL/- No offspring
 Miki Sanukis ZappaMSPH nNL/- No offspring
 Miki Sanukis FloMSPH w2000-06-12NL/- No offspring
GEC Miki Sanukis Pina ColadaFSPH w 622000-06-12NL/NL 7 offspring
 Miki Sanukis TjampoerMSPH n 092004-09-12NL/UK12 offspring
 Wrinkle Funny Face SharenkaFSPH w 63NL/- 3 offspring
 Wrinkle Funny Face Miki of MisfitsFSPH a 032006-05-29NL/UK 2 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.