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Offspring of GIC Titania Felis Audax, F, NFO w 62, 5/14/93, DK/DK39 offspring
 Kindilan Felis AudaxMNFO a 09 236/20/95DK/DK 37 offspring
 Lauritz Melchior Felis AudaxMNFO w 6110/10/96DK/- No offspring
 Maria Malibran Felis AudaxFNFO w 6310/10/96DK/DK27 offspring
 Lady Cara Felis AudaxFNFO n 093/31/98DK/- No offspring
 Lady Cecilia Felis AudaxFNFO a 09 233/31/98DK/- No offspring
 Marco Polo Felis AudaxMNFO n 09 223/31/98DK/- No offspring
CH Angelina Felis AudaxFNFO w 617/5/98DK/FI 2 offspring
IC Lalena Felis AudaxFNFO a 09 227/5/98DK/- 3 offspring
GIC Little Tin Soldier Felis AudaxMNFO w 637/5/98DK/GB 9 offspring
 Mellow Yellow Felis AudaxMNFO n 09 237/5/98DK/- No offspring
 Karen Blixen Felis AudaxFNFO a 09 232/7/99DK/US 4 offspring
 Lord Byron Felis AudaxMNFO n 09 242/7/99DK/- 6 offspring
 Mary Steward Felis AudaxFNFO w2/7/99DK/- No offspring
CH Oscar Wilde Felis AudaxMNFO n 092/7/99DK/- 2 offspring
 King Isildur Felis AudaxMNFO n 248/19/99DK/DK38 offspring
 Arwen Evenstar Felis AudaxFNFO n 224/10/01DK/- 1 offspring
 Lady Altariel Felis AudaxFNFO w 634/10/01DK/- No offspring
 Tar-Palantir Felis AudaxMNFO w 634/10/01DK/US 2 offspring
 Sirith Felis AudaxFNFO n 238/23/01DK/- No offspring
 Topas Felis AudaxMNFO a 099/20/98DK/- 29 offspring
 Anarya Felis AudaxFNFO w5/5/00DK/SE 4 offspring
 Anastasia Felis AudaxFNFO w 615/5/00DK/- No offspring
 Herkules Felis AudaxMNFO n 095/5/00DK/- No offspring
 Tar-Anarion Felis AudaxMNFO w 615/5/00DK/- No offspring
 Chanel Felis AudaxFNFO w 628/27/00DK/- No offspring
 Nimloth Felis AudaxMNFO w 628/27/00DK/- No offspring
 Nimrodel Felis AudaxMNFO n 098/27/00DK/- No offspring
 Nindalf Felis AudaxMNFO a 098/27/00DK/- No offspring
GIC Tähtiyön AlfaMNFO n 094/27/93FI/DK84 offspring
 Gissur Hvide Felis AudaxMNFO w7/1/94DK/- No offspring
 Margrethe Fredkulla Felis AudaxFNFO n7/1/94DK/- No offspring
 Thorgrim Trolle Felis AudaxMNFO a7/1/94DK/- 5 offspring
 H.C. Andersen Felis AudaxMNFO w4/1/95DK/- No offspring
 Isilya Felis AudaxFNFO w 617/10/97DK/DE No offspring
IC Chewbacca's Reddie EddieMNFO d 09 231/13/01SE/DK72 offspring
 Galenas Felis AudaxFNFO f 092/2/02DK/- No offspring
 Nenime Felis Audax of Ny VikingkatFNFO g 092/2/02DK/- 1 offspring
 Nenuial Felis AudaxFNFO g 092/2/02DK/- No offspring
 Magor Felis AudaxMNFO n 098/4/02DK/- No offspring
 Malinalda Felis AudaxFNFO f 098/4/02DK/- No offspring
 Marina Felis AudaxFNFO g 095/8/05DK/- No offspring
 Blaise Pascal Felis JubatusMNFO ns 099/14/93DK/- 43 offspring
 Dirkah Felis AudaxNFO ns9/1/95DK/- No offspring
 Prins Hamlet Felis AudaxMNFO a 09 232/9/94DK/- 27 offspring
 Hector Felis AudaxMNFO w 636/12/96DK/- No offspring
 Helen Felis AudaxFNFO w 636/12/96DK/- No offspring

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