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Offspring of CH Wyndhaven Dakota of Coonyham, OD, F, MCO n 09 22, 1994-02-26, US/US10 offspring
RW-SGC Gentlegiants Majerle of Koontucky, OSMMCO n 221993-04-28US/US33 offspring
 Coonyham BraveheartMMCO a 21US/- No offspring
 Coonyham Besame Mucho of TipsntuftsFMCO n 09 221996-12-30US/US 6 offspring
GIC Coonyham ChippewaFMCO a 221996-12-30US/FI 2 offspring
IW-SGC Coonyham Lone StarMMCO n 09 221996-12-30US/US40 offspring
IW-SGC Coonyham Sundance, OSMMCO n 221992-04-11US/US47 offspring
IC Coonyham Napa of Acadiapark, ODFMCO n 09 221995-06-06US/AT 12 offspring
 Coonyham WilburMMCO a 09 221995-06-06US/DE6 offspring
GC Coonyham WranglerMMCO n 09 221995-06-06US/UK 24 offspring
IW-SGC Coonyham Navarro, OSMMCO n 221993-09-06US/US32 offspring
 Coonyham Olivia Rose of Mystic CatfishFMCO n 22US/- 6 offspring
GC Coonyham Don Quixote of BeauMMCO n 221996-01-25US/US 8 offspring
 Coonyham Pollyanna of KassaroFMCO n 09 221998-04-08US/GB 4 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.