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Offspring of Langstteich's Ch. Fable of Zmatrixu, F, MCO d 09 23, 2003-09-27, DE/CZ6 offspring
IC Aurick New of Hairy HopeMMCO n 09 232004-02-23CZ/CZ 11 offspring
CH Zmatrixu DaiquiriFMCO f 03 232005-04-07CZ/CZ 4 offspring
 Zmatrixu Donatella VersaceFMCO f 232005-04-07CZ/PL 1 offspring
 Zmatrixu Donna EvansFMCO f 09 232005-04-07CZ/NL 2 offspring
 Zmatrixu DunbarMMCO d 09 222005-04-07CZ/- 1 offspring
 Zmatrixu DurangoMMCO d 02 212005-04-07CZ/DK4 offspring
 Tarzan of Midnight ColonyMMCO n 222004-02-24CZ/CZ17 offspring
 Zmatrixu Final FantasyMMCO d 09 232005-11-27AT/AT 6 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.