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Offspring of GC Masteast Tiger Lily of McKittycreek, DM, F, MCO fs 23, 1991-02-09, US/US25 offspring
NW-GC GP Masteast Jonathan Edwards, DMMMCO n 09 221990-11-11US/US68 offspring
GIC McKittycreek FloraFMCO fs 23US/DE 8 offspring
GC McKittycreek Ashley of BryrhavenFMCO fs 09 231992-04-08US/- 5 offspring
CH McKittycreek Cherub of CamberwellFMCO fs 09 231992-04-08US/- No offspring
RW-GC McKittycreek Donald T of CoonsboroMMCO ns 09 231992-04-08US/US 14 offspring
CH McKittycreek Abbey Road of RumfordFMCO ns 231993-03-05US/- 4 offspring
GC McKittycreek Amtrak of CoontailsMMCO n 211993-03-05US/- 2 offspring
RW-GC McKittycreek Firefly of Reel CatFMCO f 09 211993-03-05US/- No offspring
 McKittycreek Iced Lace of CharadeFMCO ns 231993-03-05US/- No offspring
GC McKittycreek John Jr. JJMMCO d 09 231993-03-05US/-11 offspring
GC McKittycreek Crystal of BryrhavenFMCO ns 231993-11-05US/- 3 offspring
 McKittycreek Honeybee of BarabbyFMCO n 211993-11-05US/- No offspring
GC GP McKittycreek PaladinMMCO ns 09 211993-11-05US/- No offspring
IC McKittycreek Pretty WomanFMCO n 231993-11-05US/DE 7 offspring
GC McKittycreek Big Red of Kountry KazMMCO d 211995-05-28US/- No offspring
CH McKittycreek Papillon of LacocoonFMCO n 231995-05-28US/CA 5 offspring
 McKittycreek Sunny DMMCO d 09 211995-05-28US/- No offspring
RW-GC Freedomkatt Tom Cruise, DMMMCO n 09 231994-12-22US/US 24 offspring
GC McKittycreek SerenghettiFMCO fs 211996-12-18US/US 1 offspring
 McKittycreek Victoria of QteezFMCO n 231996-12-18US/- No offspring
 McKittycreek Zoe of Zephyr RidgeFMCO fs 231996-12-18US/- No offspring
GC Coonsboro JFK of McKittycreekMMCO ns 231991-12-27US/US50 offspring
 McKittycreek Susannah of MewsicoonsFMCO ns 231994-09-21US/- No offspring
GC Angtini Jean-Claude's Lil AbnerMMCO ns 09 211995-02-22US/- 3 offspring
 McKittycreek Billy IdolMMCO ds 09 211996-04-04US/- No offspring
 McKittycreek Killian of GingercatsMMCO d 09 211996-04-04US/- No offspring
GC McKittycreek Poppy Seed, DMFMCO fs 09 231996-04-04US/US 5 offspring
GC-RW Verismo Tails-of-HoffmannMMCO d 211996-05-27US/- 7 offspring
 McKittycreek Isabeau of AlsaceFMCO n 221997-08-26US/- 1 offspring
 McKittycreek Ms. Scarlett of TribecaFMCO d 221997-08-26US/- 1 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.