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Offspring of Embla's Lille Sigrid, F, NFO n 09 24, 1999-07-02, NO/NO12 offspring
IC Aristo Limaz Gabriel Titus, DMMNFO d 09 221999-06-10SE/NO74 offspring
 Gamlebu's MiserableMNFO n 09 242001-01-10NO/- No offspring
IC Gamlebu's MissiFNFO f 09 222001-01-10NO/- No offspring
 Gamlebu's Mosa├»cFNFO f 09 222001-01-10NO/- No offspring
EP CH Gamlebu's MoustacheMNFO n 09 242001-01-10NO/SE 9 offspring
 Gamlebu's PatriciaFNFO f 09 222001-11-04NO/- No offspring
PR IC Gamlebu's PierreMNFO n 09 232001-11-04NO/NO 11 offspring
 Gamlebu's PlaisireFNFO f 09 232001-11-04NO/- No offspring
IC Gamlebu's PrinceMNFO n 09 222001-11-04NO/SE 12 offspring
 Gamlebu's PrudenceFNFO f 09 222001-11-04NO/- No offspring
 Gamlebu's RegineFNFO f 232002-12-27NO/- No offspring
 Gamlebu's RigolotteFNFO f 09 232002-12-27NO/- No offspring
 Gamlebu's RosetteFNFO f 09 222002-12-27NO/FR 5 offspring

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