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Offspring of GC Stormwatch Tatsumaki, M, MCO ns, 1995-12-29, US/US24 offspring
CH Stormwatch Santa AnaFMCO ns 231996-01-10US/US 3 offspring
 Stormwatch Fubuki of EternalFMCO ns 221997-04-06US/- No offspring
IC Stormwatch Chief BlackfeetMMCO ns 221998-02-07US/DK 7 offspring
 Stormwatch Solar FlareFMCO ns 221998-02-07US/- No offspring
 Shubacoons Seseme SeedFMCOUS/- 1 offspring
 Shubacoons Cosmo KramerMMCO ns 091999-10-11US/- No offspring
CH Mysterymain Monsoon of StormwatchFMCO n 09 221994-02-12  3 offspring
CH Stormwatch Alabama RainFMCO ns 09 221999-06-22US/US 1 offspring
GC Avicats Sophrosina Marfisa, DMFMCO f 221996-07-06US/US13 offspring
GC Avicats ArethusaFMCO f 221997-09-14US/US2 offspring
EC Avicats Astraea Escape's, DMFMCO ns1997-09-14US/FI 18 offspring
GC Avicats Nuvoletta of StormwatchFMCO ns1997-09-14US/USNo offspring
GC Avicats Publius Ovidus NasoMMCO ns 221997-09-14US/-1 offspring
GC Avicats Versace of CoonoquanMMCO ns1997-09-14US/US5 offspring
GC Avicats Ludovico AriostoMMCO d 221999-07-30US/-No offspring
RW-GC Avicats Orlando FuriosoMMCO ds 221999-07-30US/-2 offspring
GC Avicats Phaethusa StriaFMCO fs 221999-07-30US/US3 offspring
 Avicats Tiramisu of SmokeycoonsFMCO ns1999-07-30US/US No offspring
CH Nascat Kiko's Firecracker 400FMCO f 221995-08-25US/US6 offspring
CH Nascat Asphalt Is For Racing!FMCO n 221997-05-19US/- 2 offspring
 Nascat Lady Diana of MajesticoonFMCO ns 221997-05-19US/- No offspring
CH Nascat Texas Hooker of StormwatchFMCO fs 221997-05-19US/US 2 offspring
CH Stormwatch Kionee of CoonoquanFMCO f 09 211995-09-19  2 offspring
 Coonoquan Kate SpadeFMCO fs 222000-06-13  No offspring
CH Purr-Defur Chanel of CoonoquanFMCO fs 09 221998-04-14US/US 4 offspring
CH Coonoquan Te Kanawa-of-OperacoonsFMCO ns 222000-05-22US/SE2 offspring
GC Shubacoons Oh Lucy of CabincoonFMCO f 09 231999-04-18US/US 2 offspring
NW-GC-BW Cabincoon DakotaMMCO d 09 222000-09-01US/US 22 offspring
GC GP Cabincoon DenverMMCO fs 09 232000-09-01US/US No offspring
CH Coonsboro Sea Breeze of StormwatchFMCO f 09 221996-10-27US/- 2 offspring
 Stormwatch KamikazeMMCO d 221998-05-27US/- No offspring
 Stormwatch SevenFMCO fs1998-05-27US/- No offspring
GC McKittycreek Poppy Seed, DMFMCO fs 09 231996-04-04US/US 5 offspring
GC Shubacoons Mercedes, DMFMCO n 231999-10-16US/US 5 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.