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Offspring of GEC Langstteich's Dino, M, MCO as 09 22, 1990-03-11, DE/DE31 offspring
EC Lovecat Loretta of Indian SummerFMCO n 09 22DE/DE 8 offspring
GIC Indian Summer CandyFMCO ns 221991-10-28DE/- No offspring
GIC Indian Summer ChipsyFMCO ns 09 211991-10-28DE/DE 5 offspring
IC Indian Summer Gismo of EmstalMMCO ns 09 211992-10-30DE/DE No offspring
CH Indian Summer KeeshaFMCO n 221993-06-02DE/- 2 offspring
GIC Wendy von GolzheimFMCO fs1990-12-23DE/DE 19 offspring
GEC Indian Summer BagheeraMMCO ds 09 211991-07-19DE/- 1 offspring
 Indian Summer BalouMMCO ns 211991-07-19DE/- No offspring
 Indian Summer BereniceFMCO ns 211991-07-19DE/- No offspring
EC Indian Summer BonnyFMCO fs 221991-07-19DE/DE 10 offspring
 Indian Summer Bumble Bee of Rocky BrookFMCO n 09 211991-07-19DE/DE 1 offspring
GIC Indian Summer EddisonMMCO ds 09 231992-10-20DE/- 28 offspring
GEC Indian Summer Illusion In Red of Middle of EuropeMMCO ds 111993-05-21DE/DE 8 offspring
 Indian Summer RainyFMCO ns 231994-03-29DE/- No offspring
 Indian Summer Rum Tum TuggerMMCO ds 09 221994-03-29DE/- 1 offspring
GIC Indian Summer Rusty of Rusty-CatsMMCO n 09 221994-05-29DE/DE 3 offspring
 Indian Summer Up to DateMMCO ds 111994-12-12DE/DE 1 offspring
EC Langstteich's CinderellaFMCO f 091989-01-28DE/DE 15 offspring
IC Indian Summer Peppermint PattyFMCO fs 09 22DE/- 1 offspring
 Indian Summer AceMMCO d 09 211991-07-13DE/- No offspring
 Indian Summer Amber of Rocky BrookMMCO ds 09 211991-07-13DE/- No offspring
 Indian Summer AnouschMMCO n 09 211991-07-13DE/- No offspring
 Indian Summer Fancy of FancylandFMCO f 221992-10-23DE/- 1 offspring
CH Indian Summer First Lady vom HexenmoorFMCO n 09 221992-10-23DE/DE 2 offspring
CH Indian Summer Frostteddy of Cougar MountainMMCO ns 09 231992-10-23DE/DE 2 offspring
 Indian Summer Panda BearMMCO n 221994-03-14DE/- 1 offspring
 Indian Summer PicassoMMCO ds 091994-03-14DE/DE 1 offspring
EC Keiser-Coon CassiopeyaFMCO g 231991-09-01DE/DE 3 offspring
IC Pussy Willow Affection Affair AileenFMCO a 09 221993-01-31  No offspring
IC Langstteich's ChanelFMCO ns 09 231987-03-12DE/DE 20 offspring
 Langstteich's ManolitoMMCO as 21DE/- 3 offspring
 Langstteich's DorotheeFMCO1991-04-05DE/- No offspring
CH Langstteich's Vivien of WeidebuschFMCO ns 211991-04-05DE/DE 3 offspring
IC Josie Countess of CoonhinoorFMCO ns 091987-04-26DE/- 2 offspring
CH Booker of Rocky BrookMMCO ns 09 211991-12-25  1 offspring
 Indian Summer Lovely LucindaFMCO n 211993-08-19DE/- 2 offspring
EC Dandy Hexer vom HexenmoorMMCO ds 09 221995-02-14  4 offspring
 Darius Hexer vom HexenmoorMMCO d 09 221995-02-14  No offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.