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Offspring of GIC MtKittery Bemis, DM, M, MCO a 22, 1992-07-09, US/DK65 offspring
 Guldfakse Poly Maggie Mae PFMCO g 221991-06-15DK/DK 6 offspring
 Cozy Farm Blue MagicFMCO a 231993-12-06DK/SE 5 offspring
 Cozy Farm Confetti P.FMCO g 221993-12-06DK/DK 3 offspring
 Cozy Farm Radschah (P)MMCO a 221993-12-06DK/DK No offspring
 Willowplace Bonnie MelodyFMCO n 09 231991-05-18US/DK 3 offspring
GIC Cozy Farm VictoryFMCO n 231993-12-27DK/DE 1 offspring
CH Cozy Farm QuoddyFMCO f 221992-10-28DK/SE11 offspring
 Glowcoon GeanetteFMCO a 221995-02-05SE/SE 4 offspring
CH Glowcoon GlobetrotterMMCO e 221995-02-05SE/SE 24 offspring
EC Glowcoon GoalkeeperMMCO e 221995-02-05SE/SE 18 offspring
 Glowcoon GoldnuggetMMCO d 221995-02-05SE/- No offspring
CH Maineline Wild Honey PieFMCO f 221990-01-13US/SE 17 offspring
WW95 EC Cozy Farm GipsyMMCO e 221994-05-13DK/DK28 offspring
GIC Cozy Farm ParcifalMMCO d 221994-05-13DK/NL11 offspring
 Cozy Farm TequilaFMCO f1994-05-13DK/- No offspring
CH Coonmora KeeganFMCO n 221990-02-11US/DK 21 offspring
IC Guldfakse CatalinaFMCO a 221994-01-20DK/PL 10 offspring
IC Guldfakse FitzwilliamMMCO a 221994-01-20DK/DE 17 offspring
IC Guldfakse WoonsocketMMCO a1995-06-30DK/DK 11 offspring
CH PR Guldfakse Mohawk of WabanakiMMCO n 221996-01-08DK/DK 5 offspring
 Guldfakse TuchahoeFMCO n1996-01-08DK/DK 11 offspring
 Milinocket Annie OakleyFMCO f 221996-04-29DK/DK 3 offspring
CH Milinocket Funny FaceFMCO g 221999-04-25DK/DK No offspring
GIC Cozy Farm Red RibbonFMCO fs 09 221992-10-28DK/DK 2 offspring
 Carlo KiskaMMCO as 09 221995-02-11DK/DK 1 offspring
IC Charlie KiskaMMCO e 09 221995-02-11DK/DK 3 offspring
 Coonpulsive Desert CloudsFMCO n 22US/US1 offspring
RW-SGC Coonpulsive Big BendMMCO n 221997-04-18US/US15 offspring
CH MtKittery HadleyFMCO n 231994-03-06US/DK 6 offspring
 MtKittery Towanda of SaskaKhanFMCO n 231995-08-22US/DE 10 offspring
 Pawcatuck Blueberry MuffinFMCO a 221990-10-03US/DK6 offspring
 Løve Hulen's Secret ServiceMMCO a 221998-06-02DK/DK 3 offspring
 Charlemaine Molly P.FMCO f 23 941989-02-04US/- 7 offspring
 Guldfakse Bell Ami P.FMCO n 221994-06-29DK/DK 1 offspring
CH Capecoon Calamity JayneFMCO n 221996-01-15US/SE 17 offspring
IC Indigoo's Star GhojaFMCO n 221998-10-12SE/SE14 offspring
 Indigoo's Star GizmoMMCO n 221998-10-12SE/- No offspring
 Indigoo's Star GobélinaFMCO n 221998-10-12SE/SE No offspring
CH Indigoo's Star GodzillaMMCO n 221998-10-12SE/SE 6 offspring
 Willowplace TopazFMCO n 231992-07-13US/DK 17 offspring
CH Guldfakse Chief Isac Big KnifeMMCO n 231999-02-16DK/DK 12 offspring
IC Guldfakse MahoganyFMCO n 221999-02-16DK/DK 3 offspring
 Guldfakse Maria TallchiefFMCO n 241999-02-16DK/DK No offspring
 Masteast Ruby Jane of MtKitteryFMCO fs 231990-05-09US/US 3 offspring
 MtKittery ArundelFMCO ns 231996-02-25US/DK 4 offspring
EC Cozy Farm Madam Mim, DMFMCO n1995-03-10DK/SE 14 offspring
EC Ma Coo's Fit For FightMMCO n1999-01-30SE/SE 13 offspring
 Ma Coo's Foo FighterMMCO a1999-01-30SE/SE 1 offspring
 Ma Coo's Free FantazyFMCO a 221999-01-30SE/- No offspring
SGC Beauport Colby of MtKitteryFMCO n 231990-11-03US/US 15 offspring
CH MtKittery Bonny EagleFMCO n 221995-10-18US/US 1 offspring
CH-PR MtKittery Mercedes-Benz of NascatFMCO n 231996-10-18US/US9 offspring
 Willowplace TitaniaFMCO ns 09 221996-12-26US/DK 10 offspring
 Milinocket Here I'amMMCO a 221998-09-10DK/NL 7 offspring
 Milinocket Jesse JamesMMCO n 221998-09-10DK/DK 5 offspring
CH Coonpulsive Mississippi DeltaFMCO n 231992-09-17  2 offspring
 Coonpulsive DurangoMMCO a 231996-11-29  No offspring
CH Maineline CynthiaFMCO ns 221989-12-02US/DK 12 offspring
 Guldfakse ApalacheéFMCO n 221994-06-29DK/DK 3 offspring
 Guldfakse DixburyFMCO n 221994-06-29DK/DK 2 offspring
EC Guldfakse GeronimoMMCO n 221994-06-29DK/DK 8 offspring
 Guldfakse LakotaFMCO n1994-06-29DK/AT 11 offspring
GIC Guldfakse OttawaMMCO ns 221994-06-29DK/DE100 offspring
IC Guldfakse PercyMMCO n 221994-06-29DK/DK 3 offspring
CH Guldfakse TulalipFMCO ns1994-06-29DK/DE 7 offspring
 Cozy Farm XantippeFMCO n 231993-07-15DK/DK 2 offspring
 Guldfakse LuluFMCO n 231995-02-03DK/DK 2 offspring
EC Guldfakse MontanaMMCO n 231995-02-03DK/FR 3 offspring
 Guldfakse Belle Highwalking P.FMCO n 241999-03-23DK/DK 8 offspring
 Guldfakse TupacMMCO a 222000-03-14DK/DK 13 offspring
CH Angtini Cyclone of StormwatchFMCO fs 211994-05-28US/US 5 offspring
CH Stormwatch Eric The RedMMCO d 221996-10-27US/- No offspring
CH Stormwatch Red Skye At MorningMMCO ds 09 221996-10-27US/US17 offspring
WW IP Cozy Farm Ginger RogersFMCO f 231995-04-27DK/DK6 offspring
 Guldfakse CougarMMCO d 231997-12-18DK/DE 3 offspring
IC Guldfakse MarthaFMCO a 221997-12-18DK/- No offspring
IC Guldfakse DakotaFMCO f 09 231993-12-30DK/DK 9 offspring
 Never Mind QueenFMCO g 09 231998-10-22DK/DK 7 offspring
EC Never Mind Radio Ga-GaMMCO n 09 221998-10-22DK/SE 40 offspring
 MtKittery LoringFMCO n 23US/- 4 offspring
 MtKittery KittebunkportFMCO n 22US/- 1 offspring
 MtKittery Dexter of MtNestMMCO n 211996-07-30US/- No offspring
 MtKittery Rockport of MtNestMMCO n 231996-07-30US/- No offspring
RW MtKittery T'Hara of Moulin'CrecyFMCO n 231996-07-30US/FR 1 offspring
CH Céleber DesdemonaFMCO f 09 231996-12-16DK/DK 10 offspring
 Castle Rock EudoraFMCO f 09 222000-02-11DK/DK 2 offspring
 Castle Rock MozillaFMCO f 09 222000-02-11DK/- 1 offspring
 Mainlysilver OneidaFMCO ns 231992-08-17US/- 2 offspring
CH Mainlysilver Oneida's AvalonMMCO ns 231996-05-15US/- 2 offspring
GIC Guldfakse MadawaskaFMCO n 221993-05-28DK/DK 1 offspring
 Angelica Mozart of JojobaMMCO n 221995-02-02DK/DK No offspring
GIC Maineline Acadia of GuldfakseFMCO f 09 221985-01-18US/DK17 offspring
 Guldfakse PotawatomiFMCO g 221994-05-20DK/DK 4 offspring
 Guldfakse TallulahFMCO n 241998-09-16DK/SE 4 offspring
 Guldfakse KickapooFMCO n 232000-03-28DK/DK 3 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.