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Offspring of Balla Coi Lupi Rosellina, F, MCO f 02 21, 2005-07-03, IT/DK4 offspring
 Zmatrixu DurangoMMCO d 02 212005-04-07CZ/DK4 offspring
 WaterCoons It's Only LoveFMCO f 09 232007-02-21DK/CH5 offspring
 WaterCoons Kiss Me QuickFMCO d 09 232007-02-21DK/-No offspring
 WaterCoons Patch It UpFMCO f 02 212007-02-21DK/DK 1 offspring
 WaterCoons Valdemar Sejr PMMCO d 09 222007-04-16DK/DK4 offspring
 Hei Sejrcoon Clear WaterFMCO d 09 222008-08-07DK/DKNo offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.