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Offspring of Le Beau Minu Ocean Pearl, F, MCO g 09 22, 10/12/00, US/DE4 offspring
GIC Belushies Iroquois of GraeftenhofMMCO n 0910/17/99DE/DE 20 offspring
 Graeftenhof LaLiqueFMCO a 09 227/7/01DE/FI 1 offspring
 Graeftenhof Miss LeggingsFMCO n 09 227/7/01DE/DK No offspring
 Graeftenhof Velvet DreamFMCO a 09 227/7/01DE/- No offspring
 Graeftenhof Pawnee Princess of Louisiana DreamsFMCO f 09 2211/16/02DE/DE 1 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.