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Offspring of Capecoon Shady Lady of Willowplace, F, MCO fs 23, 1991-03-31, US/US14 offspring
SGC Willowplace ShadrackMMCO n 221991-01-14US/DE31 offspring
DGC Willowplace ClementineFMCO fs 221992-08-06US/US 13 offspring
CH Willowplace NightingaleFMCO n1992-08-06US/DE 6 offspring
GEC Willowplace Red Sails In The SunsetMMCO d 221992-08-06US/DE 12 offspring
GEC Willowplace TitanMMCO ds 221992-08-06US/DE18 offspring
 Willowplace Aladdin of MagicpawsMMCO e 231993-01-19US/- No offspring
 Willowplace AyrtonMMCO ns 211993-01-19US/- No offspring
 Willowplace HighlightFMCO ns 221993-01-19US/DE 8 offspring
 Willowplace Ruby of CosmicoonFMCO f 211993-01-19US/- No offspring
IC Willowplace Sir ShannonMMCO as 231993-01-19US/DE 7 offspring
 Willowplace Dream GirlFMCO ns 221993-05-25US/JP 1 offspring
 Willowplace StonewallMMCO ns 221993-05-25US/US 4 offspring
 Willowplace Gentle BenMMCO n 231993-11-05US/- No offspring
QGC Willowplace Barbara StarFMCO fs 221995-01-26US/FR 7 offspring
IC Willowplace LovelyFMCO n 231995-01-26US/BE 2 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.