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Offspring of IW-SGC SaraJen Scoresby, M, MCO ds 09 22, 9/3/02, US/US16 offspring
 Mainesuspect Caol Ila of SaraJenFMCO n 09 226/22/02US/US 11 offspring
 SaraJen Cary of DamnYnkeFMCO fs 09 22US/- No offspring
IW-SGC SaraJen Bommerlunder of JuniatasMMCO ns 229/23/04US/DE 14 offspring
 SaraJen Saffi of Ann ValentineFMCO fs 099/23/04US/HU 1 offspring
SGC SaraJen Texas Ranger of WilliaminaMMCO ns 09 229/23/04US/JP 6 offspring
TGC SaraJen Sambuco of MainesuspectMMCO ns 217/4/05US/US 9 offspring
RW-SGC SaraJen Shiner BockMMCO ns 227/4/05US/US 13 offspring
RW-QGC SaraJen Tivoli Peach of Blazin ArrowFMCO fs 09 227/4/05US/US 4 offspring
RW-TGC Coonpulsive Skyy of SaraJenFMCO n 2210/31/01US/US 4 offspring
TGC SaraJen Anisette of MainesuspectFMCO f 09 212/8/05US/US No offspring
 SaraJen Dixie StingerFMCO n 0912/6/02US/US1 offspring
 SaraJen V.I.P. of Moulin'CrecyMMCO ns 097/12/04US/FR 38 offspring
GC Cabincoon Painted DesertFMCO f 09 224/3/02US/US 3 offspring
CH Cabincoon Rhinestone CowgirlFMCO ds 09 223/15/05US/US 3 offspring
 SaraJen Stella ArtoisFMCO n 09 236/5/05US/US 2 offspring
 SaraJen Menunkatuck of FogcityMMCO ns 09 227/29/06US/US 7 offspring
RW-TGC SaraJen Milagro SilverFMCO fs 09 237/29/06US/US No offspring
 Coonyham Mistral of TerracoonFMCO ns 22US/- 1 offspring
 Terracoon HalliFMCO fs 09 224/3/06US/US2 offspring
 SaraJen McKenzie Abbey 8FMCO n 09 226/10/05US/US 2 offspring
IW-SGC SaraJen BelliniFMCO fs6/24/06US/US 4 offspring
 SaraJen Denali of CabincoonFMCO fs 096/24/06US/US 3 offspring
 Coonport Justa BlueFMCO a 228/13/00  1 offspring
RW Coonport Dakota of CoonpulsiveMMCO ns 09 22  3 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.