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Offspring of Mountain Maine Queenly, F, MCO gs 22, 7/30/99, DE/DE4 offspring
 Willow Catkin Bj√∂rn EricMMCO n 09 221/30/99DE/DE 2 offspring
 Edward of SaphiRacoonMMCO a 225/19/00DE/DE 4 offspring
EC Willowplace Shakari of Super-StarMMCO n 09 224/23/00US/DE 40 offspring
 Super-Star Lara.IIFMCO ns 224/19/01DE/DK 3 offspring
 Super-Star LauraFMCO n 224/19/01DE/FR 9 offspring
GIC Super-Star LeoniFMCO fs 224/19/01DE/DE 10 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.