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Offspring of Arctic Coon's Pavarotti, M, MCO n 22, 2001-09-20, NO/DE19 offspring
 Pillowtalk's Showgirl of LangstteichFMCO f 09 222002-04-18DE/DE 18 offspring
 Langstteich's ShakariMMCO e 09 222003-05-27DE/FR 16 offspring
 Langstteich's ShogunMMCO n2003-05-27DE/CZ 5 offspring
 Langstteich's SitaraFMCO n 222003-05-27DE/CH 2 offspring
 American Beauty's DevotionFMCO f 09 222002-01-10DE/NL 15 offspring
 Timaracoon's DevlinMMCO a 09 21NL/GB 1 offspring
 Timaracoon's DonellaFMCO g 09NL/NL 2 offspring
 Timaracoon's Diamond-StarFMCO n2004-03-29NL/- 1 offspring
 Langstteich's P'DreamlikeFMCO es 222001-11-02DE/DE 16 offspring
 Langstteich's Dream-DaliMMCO e 212004-04-16DE/- No offspring
 Langstteich's Dream-DandyMMCO d 222004-04-16DE/FR 43 offspring
IC Langstteich's Dream-DavisMMCO d 222004-04-16DE/PL 9 offspring
 Langstteich's Dream-DeltaFMCO fs 222004-04-16DE/DE 5 offspring
 Langstteich's Dream-DexterMMCO2004-04-16DE/- No offspring
 Langstteich's Dream-DragonMMCO ds 222004-04-16DE/CH No offspring
 Super-Star OdessaFMCO n 09 232001-10-16DE/NL 3 offspring
 Timaracoon's AttractionFMCO n 09 23NL/DE 7 offspring
 Timaracoon's AmiciFMCO n 222002-01-01NL/PL 10 offspring
 Timaracoon's ArlingtonMMCO n 222002-11-16NL/PL 2 offspring
 Langstteich's C. Lillyth of TimaracoonFMCO n 09 222002-03-15DE/NL 1 offspring
CH Timaracoon's Lennox of RoyalMainlysMMCO n 03 222003-11-14NL/NL14 offspring
 Gloria Estefan of Midnight ColonyFMCO d 222001-12-08CZ/DE 1 offspring
 Langstteich's UpsalaFMCO f2002-12-16DE/DE 12 offspring
 Langstteich's Corvette of TimaracoonFMCO a 232002-12-07DE/NL 2 offspring
 Timaracoon's CalypsoMMCO a 22NL/NL 3 offspring
 Timaracoon's Clayton of NorsycatMMCO n 24NL/HU 2 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.