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Offspring of RW-GC Stormwatch DirTrack Demon of Nascat, DM, M, MCO n 09 23, 1993-09-29, US/US54 offspring
CH Carmikat Saylor Moon of AshmarkFMCO n 09 221998-06-29  2 offspring
GC Ashmark Archimedes Star GazerMMCO n 09 221999-08-02  No offspring
GP Ashmark Captain AhabMMCO n 09 231999-08-02  No offspring
CH-PR MtKittery Mercedes-Benz of NascatFMCO n 231996-10-18US/US9 offspring
 Nascat Bette Midler of TheatricatsFMCO n 23US/US 1 offspring
 Nascat North Sea Smoked HerringMMCO n 211998-06-16US/- No offspring
 Nascat WinonaFMCO n 09 221998-06-16US/GB 1 offspring
CH Nascat Crystal of Velvet JewelFMCO n 09 231999-05-15US/US 1 offspring
GC Nascat Falcon of EternalMMCO n 221999-05-15US/- 1 offspring
IC Nascat Isotta of Forest HouseFMCO n 231999-05-15US/US No offspring
CH Nascat RR Corniche of MainesuspectFMCO n 09 231999-05-15US/US 3 offspring
CH Nascat Asphalt Is For Racing!FMCO n 221997-05-19US/- 2 offspring
 Nascat Moonlight Lady of RockincatFMCO n 09 23  No offspring
GP Nascat Winston 500MMCO n 09 221998-11-28  No offspring
GC Gerlingcat Chloe of Katz DomaineFMCO n 231994-06-04US/US 9 offspring
 Texas Belle E Button of CoondaviFMCO n 09 23US/- 1 offspring
 Katz Domaine FlashMMCO n 09 231995-11-13  No offspring
GP Katz Domaine Sir Charles BarkleyMMCO n 231995-11-13  No offspring
 Katz Domaine Cinnamon StickFMCO n 09 231996-07-04US/US 3 offspring
 Katz Domaine Dacotah of DesperadosMMCO n 221996-07-04  No offspring
GC Katz Domaine M 8 EFMCO n 231996-07-04US/US 1 offspring
CH Katz Domaine GusMMCO n 221997-05-07US/FR42 offspring
CH Katz Domaine Brasky of Texas Belle, DMFMCO n 09 221998-06-17US/US 5 offspring
CH Katz Domaine Shelby of Black TyeFMCO n 231998-06-17US/US 3 offspring
 Emlu Mariah of StormwatchFMCO ns1994-06-29US/US 3 offspring
 Stormwatch Sirocco of KaiulaniFMCO n 22US/UK 1 offspring
 Stormwatch CassieFMCO n 09 231996-09-20US/- No offspring
GC Stormwatch Gucci Cat of CoonoquanMMCO ns 231996-09-20US/- 6 offspring
CH Stormwatch Islip Memory of NascatFMCO ns 09 221996-09-25US/US 4 offspring
CH Nascat Morticia of PurrrgatoryFMCO ns 09 23US/US 1 offspring
 Nascat Snow 'n Ice of CelticpazFMCOUS/US 1 offspring
 Nascat Lunar Eclipse of AshmarkFMCO ns 09 211998-09-18US/- 1 offspring
CH-GP Nascat The White Flag LapFMCO ns 09 221998-09-18US/US3 offspring
CH Kankoonkats Missy, DMFMCO n 09 231995-11-23US/US 4 offspring
 Kankoonkats Dir-T DudeMMCO n 231997-05-06US/- No offspring
 Kankoonkats Fancy That! of CoonpawsFMCO n 09 231997-05-06US/- No offspring
GC Kankoonkats KatrinaFMCO n 09 231997-05-06US/US 1 offspring
GC-DGC Smokeycoons Katrina, Go! of NascatFMCO n 09 221999-04-07US/US1 offspring
RW-GC Nascat Nicole KidmaineFMCO n 09 222000-04-26US/US 4 offspring
GC Terrificats Night StarFMCO n1996-03-20US/- 6 offspring
GC Tops'ncats Widetrac of TerrificatsMMCO n 222001-04-01US/US 2 offspring
RW-GC-GP Nascat Waving The Checkers, DMFMCO f 09 231998-03-20US/US 3 offspring
CH Nascat Kashmiri Chai of JavacatsFMCO f 09 23US/US 1 offspring
GC Tropikoons Hidden TreasureFMCO f 09 222003-04-28US/US 5 offspring
CH Tropikoons Sarasota of CabincoonFMCO n 09 222004-05-02US/US 1 offspring
GC RW Tropikoons TrakrsRumRunr of NorcatMMCO n 09 222004-05-02US/US 3 offspring
GC Coonoquan EspritFMCO fs 09 211998-09-17US/JP 9 offspring
GC Coonoquan EscadaFMCO fs 09 232000-03-03US/US 3 offspring
SGC Coonoquan Savannah of SmokeycoonsFMCO fs 09 232000-03-03US/- No offspring
GC Coonoquan Daytona 500 of Nascat, DMFMCO n 09 221998-10-17US/US12 offspring
 Nascat A Summer Place of BaywatchFMCOUS/- No offspring
IC Nascat Armageddon of Coon CastleMMCO n 09 222000-05-12US/DE 12 offspring
RW-GC Nascat Finn McCool of GradachMMCO n 222000-05-12US/AU6 offspring
GC Nascat Haleakala of CoonsboroFMCO n 09 232000-05-12US/- No offspring
GC Nascat Porsche of CoonoquanFMCO n 09 222000-05-12US/US 3 offspring
NW-GP Nascat Jordache of TropikoonsMMCO n 09 212001-04-26US/US No offspring
 Nascat Texas Rose-of-OperacoonsFMCO n 09 222002-06-24US/SE2 offspring
 Nascat Western Girl-of-OperacoonsFMCO n 09 232002-06-24US/SE2 offspring
CH Nascat Harley Davidson of CoonshagsMMCO n 09 222004-05-18US/DE 8 offspring
 Nascat Jamaican Jag of TropikoonsFMCO n 232004-05-18US/US 4 offspring
CH Stormwatch WhirlwindFMCO f 091997-12-24US/- 2 offspring
 Stormwatch LegacyMMCO n 09 222000-07-14US/- No offspring
 Stormwatch Sirocco, Mayor of PoohM2000-07-14US/US No offspring
CH Nascat Kiko's Firecracker 400FMCO f 221995-08-25US/US6 offspring
GC Nascat Sarsaparilla of Black Tye, DMFMCO n 09 231996-10-26US/US 6 offspring
 Briocat GoodGolly Miss Molly of Y1KatFMCO n 222002-09-03US/US 3 offspring
CH Y1Kat Dreamboat AnnieFMCO n 09 232004-10-26US/US 2 offspring
GP Y1Kat Y Don't U B TrueFMCO n 09 232004-10-26US/- No offspring
GC Condopurrs Long Beach Gr. Prix of NascatFMCO n 09 211995-01-25US/US3 offspring
RW-SGCA Nascat Emercoon FitipawldiMMCO n 09 211996-05-15US/- No offspring
GC Nascat Lizzie Borden of CoonsboroFMCO n 09 221996-05-15US/AU 6 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.