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Offspring of CH Mainiac Christabel of Mysticoon, F, MCO ns 22, 1999-06-22, US/US13 offspring
RW-SGC Mysticoon RimrockMMCO n 221996-04-24US/US19 offspring
 Mysticoon Satisfaction of LacocoonFMCO ns 22US/CA2 offspring
 Mysticoon Phoebe of LunarcoonsFMCO n 222000-06-29US/-1 offspring
 Mysticoon Rio BravoMMCO n 222000-06-29US/US2 offspring
 Mysticoon Lanfear of ExcalipurrsFMCO ns 222001-01-17US/US1 offspring
RW-SGC Mysticoon Thunder Paws of Pinecoon, OSMMCO2001-01-17US/US7 offspring
CH Mysticoon Pluto of LuckypawsMMCO n 222003-03-05US/US5 offspring
RW-SGC Mysticoon DurangoMMCO ns 222004-10-22US/-5 offspring
 Mysticoon High Plains DrifterMMCO n 222006-03-20US/-1 offspring
RW-SGC Mysticoon O'HaraMMCO d 09 221999-11-25US/US 4 offspring
 Mysticoon Alastar of TazkatzM  No offspring
 Mysticoon Saharablush of TipsNTuftsFMCO f 22US/US 1 offspring
 Mysticoon Tucker of MegacoonFMCO fs 222001-07-24US/US 2 offspring
 Mysticoon Logan of MainiacMMCO ns 09 222002-11-03  3 offspring
IW-SGC Celticpride Irishchase ShirespointMMCO n 222001-01-01US/US 9 offspring
CH Mysticoon CochiseMMCO ns 222004-04-24US/US No offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.