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Offspring of Moon Kewa's Legolas, M, MCO a 09 23, 2003-06-28, SE/SE14 offspring
CH Kassaro Kikimora QueenFMCO n 09 222000-07-16GB/SE 8 offspring
EC Laterna Magica's AsterixMMCO n 03 222004-06-16SE/NO 10 offspring
 Laterna Magica's ObelixMMCO n 09 222004-06-16SE/SENo offspring
 Laterna Magica's Gun's N RosesMMCO n 092007-05-02SE/- No offspring
 Laterna Magica's John DenverMMCO n 09 232007-05-02SE/- No offspring
 Laterna Magica's No Doub'tFMCO n 02 222007-05-02SE/- No offspring
 Laterna Magica's Reeba McTireFMCO n 09 232007-05-02SE/- No offspring
 Laterna Magica's Van HalenMMCO n 09 222007-05-02SE/- No offspring
CH Norwood Hedvig EleonoraFMCO n 222003-11-10SE/SE 2 offspring
 Catsson NiqitaFMCO n 09 222006-09-10SE/SE12 offspring
IC Moon Kewa's FornarinaFMCO a 222007-01-11SE/SE6 offspring
 Laterna Magica's BlĂ„musslanFMCO a 09 222008-01-04SE/- No offspring
 Laterna Magica's Lord LotusMMCO a 092008-01-04SE/- No offspring
 Laterna Magica's Miss SixtyFMCO a 09 222008-01-04SE/SE8 offspring
 Laterna Magica's Sir BluefoxMMCO n 09 222008-01-04SE/- No offspring
 Laterna Magica's Sparkling WaterFMCO a 09 222008-01-04SE/- No offspring
 Laterna Magica's Xenon DreamFMCO a 09 232008-01-04SE/PL 17 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.