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Offspring of SGC Calicoon Prince Valiant, OS, M, MCO ns 22, 1988-02-20, US/US31 offspring
CH Donnahugh Carrabassett of BroadswayFMCO f 211990-12-01US/US 5 offspring
 Broadsway AcadiaFMCO f 211992-01-23US/- No offspring
 Broadsway Albert EinsteinMMCO ns 211992-01-23US/- No offspring
DGC Broadsway ChelseaFMCO n 221992-01-23US/US 1 offspring
 Broadsway FletcherMMCO ns 211992-01-23US/- No offspring
 Broadsway ReggieMMCO d 211992-01-23US/- No offspring
CH Tanstaafl CrestaFMCO a 221989-09-28US/US 5 offspring
 Calicoon CattrinaFMCO n 211992-08-30US/US 4 offspring
 Calicoon Moe ManMMCO ns1992-08-30US/- No offspring
GC Calicoon Viper of CoonriggersMMCO n1992-08-30US/US 30 offspring
QGC SaintClouds Diamond LilFMCO ns 09 231986-08-19US/US10 offspring
 SaintClouds Molly B of SeascapeFMCO n 09 231992-02-27US/- 5 offspring
GC SaintClouds Silverdude of WillowplaceMMCO ns 221992-02-27US/US70 offspring
 SaintClouds TabathaFMCO n 231992-02-27US/US 1 offspring
 SaintClouds Tomahawk of CoronadocatsMMCO n 09 221992-02-27US/- No offspring
 Mandy TigerFMCO  1 offspring
 Rincdar Tina TigerFMCO n 211991-12-21  No offspring
 Calicoon Merrillis of TanstaaflFMCO f1990-01-27US/US 1 offspring
 Tanstaafl Empress KawaiiFMCO n 211992-04-14US/- No offspring
SGC Coonmora Damariscotta of Koontucky, ODFMCO f 09 221989-01-27US/US12 offspring
 Donnahugh Bright PedraicMMCO as 09 221991-11-17US/- 3 offspring
DGC Donnahugh LilleFMCO fs 221991-11-17US/US 4 offspring
 Donnahugh Sir HobbesMMCO ns 211991-11-19US/- No offspring
GC Lushai Jacqui Coonasis of CoonsboroFMCO ns 09 231990-08-11  7 offspring
NW-GC Coonsboro Calvin CoonidgeMMCO n 231991-10-13US/US32 offspring
 Coonsboro Caroline CoonedyFMCO ns 211991-10-13US/- No offspring
GIC Coonsboro TycoonMMCO ns 221991-10-13US/FI 37 offspring
GC GP Coonsboro Typhoon of StormwatchFMCO ns 231991-10-13US/US 4 offspring
GC Coonsboro Smokey Bear of HarborcatMMCO ns1992-06-10US/US 8 offspring
CH GP Coonsboro Richmaine PettyMMCO ns 09 221993-04-10US/US 3 offspring
 Coonsboro Chelsea of NaschkatzFMCO ns 221993-04-13US/DE 2 offspring
GC Donnahugh SomersetFMCO n 09 211990-12-01US/US 12 offspring
 Gentlegiants Princess ChelseaFMCO n 211992-02-20US/- No offspring
TGC Gentlegiants Purrci FaithMMCO ns 09 221992-02-20US/US19 offspring
 Calicoon MitziFMCO f 09 221988-06-28US/US 1 offspring
SGC Calicoon Seahawk HelseMMCO ns 221990-10-01US/- No offspring
 Kittywin Moshananda of MorningsideFMCOUS/US 1 offspring
 Morningside RapunzelFMCO fs 211991-01-09US/- No offspring
 Queen Molasses of GoodmaineFMCO n 231989-12-19  2 offspring
 Goodmaine Prince NeptuneMMCO n 231992-04-07  No offspring
 Goodmaine Count BasieMMCO n 231992-05-09  No offspring
GC Coonsboro Sandra Day O'CoonorFMCO f 09 221989-11-25US/- 4 offspring
CH Coonsboro Tipper GoreFMCOUS/- 4 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.