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Offspring of CH Kerida Nexelindjes, F, SPH g 21, 2000-11-25, NL/NL9 offspring
GIC Scooter Uut UuneMSPH n 092001-05-05NL/NL 17 offspring
 Q-Shakira NexelindjesFSPH f  2 offspring
 Quuske NexelindjesMSPH n 22  No offspring
CH Q-Shakira of Taj Malhal NexelindjesFSPH f2002-09-27NL/BE13 offspring
 Qinka NexelindjesFSPH n 212002-09-27 No offspring
CH Tisha NexelindjesF2003-06-24  No offspring
 Zebbedie NexelindjesFSPH f 09 232005-05-25NL/BE3 offspring
EC Zene Hebe II NexelindjesFSPH f 09 232005-05-25-/NL5 offspring
 Babelute NexelindjesF2006-04-19 No offspring
 Bella NexelindjesFSPH f 092008-05-28 2 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.