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Offspring of SGC CH Tanstaafl Bacchus of Shihaya, M, MCO n 22, 1983-08-03, US/US8 offspring
 Katkees Monique of ShihayaFMCO n 221983-07-09US/US 1 offspring
 Shihaya FannieFMCO n 221984-08-21US/US 9 offspring
 Pa-Gar Lucy WoodardFMCO f 09 221987-03-18US/US 1 offspring
GC Pa-Gar Harry Bosefus of AlabarMMCO n 09 221988-03-22US/US 11 offspring
CH Tanstaafl Majestic of ShihayaFMCO n 221983-06-09US/US 2 offspring
 Shihaya SalMMCO n 21  1 offspring
GC Shihaya Big MacMMCO n 221985-03-17US/US 16 offspring
 Shihaya FannieFMCO n 221984-08-21US/US 9 offspring
GC Shihaya L.A.Warlord of TheCatHut, DMMMCO n 221985-10-08  31 offspring
CH PR Pyramaine DoverfoxcroftFMCO a 09 231984-04-25  4 offspring
GP Lagunacoon CalypsoFMCO n 09 211985-06-30US/US 6 offspring
GC GP Lagunacoon Dos EquisMMCO n 09 231985-06-30US/- 12 offspring
CH Lagunacoon Mocha Fudge TruffleFMCO n 09 221985-06-30US/- 13 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.