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Offspring of Godfather Octopussy, F, MCO n 22, 6/30/01, FI/FI5 offspring
 Macavity SidneyMMCO ds 232/24/01DE/FI4 offspring
 Starmaker Cassis CollinsMMCO ns 235/16/02FI/DK 3 offspring
 Starmaker CharambaFMCO f 235/16/02FI/FI 7 offspring
 Starmaker Parfait AmourFMCO ns 225/16/02FI/DK No offspring
EC Løve Hulen's BountyMMCO n 223/10/01DK/FI 10 offspring
CH Starmaker Mr. BojanglesMMCO n 227/4/03FI/DE 3 offspring
IC Starmaker Thief of HeartsMMCO n 227/4/03FI/PL 2 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.