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Offspring of GC, RW (CFA) Winterfest Blue Bullet, DM, M, RUS a, 1995-10-2611 offspring
GC Velva's Simply SuperFRUS a1992-02-05  8 offspring
GC Velva's Just Blue in of WinterfestFRUS a1997-04-07  2 offspring
 Velva's Steppin' Out of HeartbeepsMRUS a1999-02-13  No offspring
 Ice Cube Areola of RichsonFRUS a2001-07-24JP/JP 2 offspring
GC Richson Rascolnicov of LauredenMRUS a2003-05-08-/JP No offspring
GC Heartbeeps Mimosa of VelvaFRUS a1998-08-18US/- 1 offspring
GC Velva's Anjelica of MewsbluFRUS a2001-03-31  No offspring
CH Velva's Shady LadyFRUS a2003-09-10  3 offspring
CH Velva's Doernovakof of HeatherWyndMRUS a2005-04-20US/- 3 offspring
CH Velva's In2theblu of TyudaFRUS a2005-04-20  2 offspring
GC (CFA), DGC (TICA) Wynterwynd Mermaid of Naboo, DMFRUS a1999-02-05US/US 11 offspring
GP, NW (CFA) Naboo Blue SpruceMRUS a2000-08-01US/US No offspring
GC, RW (CFA) Naboo DaisyFRUS a2000-08-01US/US 4 offspring
GC Kaybrook's Kalisa, DMFRUS a2000-05-30US/- 6 offspring
GC Kaybrook's Remington SteeleMRUS a2002-05-13US/- 4 offspring
 Velva's FanfareFRUS a1996-06-05  3 offspring
GC Velva's Crystal Blu Purrsuasion, DMFRUS a1999-12-07  8 offspring
GC, NW Velva's Bullet Proof of Heartbeeps, DMMRUS a2000-06-16  26 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.