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Offspring of TGC Nascat Sterling Marlin of Koontucky, M, MCO ns 09 22, 4/1/01, US/US24 offspring
GC Koontucky DamarviscottaFMCO n 232/22/99US/US 5 offspring
 Koontucky MarvastasiaFMCO n 09 225/12/02US/US 8 offspring
EC Koontucky Sandstorm of ChamberlainMMCO n 09 235/12/02US/FI 9 offspring
 Koontucky Tiawa of AhwannacoonFMCO ns 238/15/03US/US 1 offspring
 Koontucky Viggo of Kelim CoonsMMCO n 09 228/18/03US/US 4 offspring
 Koontucky Marvelicious, ODFMCO as 09 237/26/97US/US6 offspring
 Koontucky Spitting ImageMMCO ns 09 224/30/05US/NL24 offspring
CH Kellycat Voodoo of KoontuckyFMCO n2/16/01US/US 11 offspring
IC Koontucky Takoda of BabafunMMCO ns 099/10/05US/CH18 offspring
 Koontucky Black ShadowMMCO n 097/17/06US/DE4 offspring
 Koontucky Tayte of Meri-PurzFMCO n 09 229/22/07US/US 2 offspring
RW-SGC Koontucky KodiFMCO a 2211/10/98US/US3 offspring
 Koontucky Prince-of-NorwayMMCO n 09 224/10/02US/NO 9 offspring
 Koontucky Indian Wolf of Løve HulenMMCO n 09 2210/4/02US/DK18 offspring
CH Rumford Starina of KoontuckyFMCO fs 224/12/01US/US 2 offspring
GEC JW Koontucky Mr. Perfect of WaldemaineMMCO ds 09 2210/15/02US/DE 33 offspring
 Koontucky StarfireFMCO fs 2312/5/03US/US 5 offspring
 Koontucky Jazz of LunarcoonsFMCO ns 09 22  2 offspring
 Koontucky Masquerade of WyndabbeyFMCO n 095/9/02US/US2 offspring
CH Koontucky SkylaFMCO a 099/11/01US/US 7 offspring
CH Koontucky BladeMMCO ns 09 223/15/05US/CH 3 offspring
 Koontucky SkywitchFMCO ns 093/15/05US/US 2 offspring
 Koontucky MirageFMCO ns 096/11/06US/US 4 offspring
CH Koontucky Izadora of DZCoonzFMCO n 09 226/30/07US/US 3 offspring
 Koontucky Sterling ImageMMCO ns 096/30/07US/US 1 offspring
 Koontucky Valentine of RoyaltyMMCO n 03 226/30/07US/ZA 8 offspring
 Koontucky Modern MarvelFMCO ns 234/27/07US/US 2 offspring
 Koontucky En Calad Mithril of CoonityMMCO ns 09 224/21/08US/ATNo offspring
 Koontucky ZilarMMCO ns 09 224/21/08US/NLNo offspring
 Dirigo Sienna of KoontuckyFMCO fs 09 218/5/97US/US 3 offspring
 Koontucky Destiny of Crazy BuddiesFMCO ns 09 225/28/08US/- No offspring
 Koontucky ArabellaFMCO fs 2211/30/06US/US 2 offspring
 Koontucky IsabellaFMCO n 09 22US/US 2 offspring
DGC Koontucky ShalaylaFMCO ns 094/12/98US/US8 offspring
 Koontucky Lucky Boy of GakinchoMMCO ns 09 2212/30/02US/JP 7 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.