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Offspring of RW-GC MtKittery Pemaquid, M, MCO n 22, 1989-06-11, US/DK32 offspring
CH Coonmora KeeganFMCO n 221990-02-11US/DK 21 offspring
 Jeremiah JonesMMCO n 21  No offspring
EC Guldfakse NaugatuckMMCO n 221992-10-22DK/IT 8 offspring
 Guldfakse ShasadeeFMCO n 221992-11-23DK/DE 1 offspring
 Guldfakse AllagashFMCO n 09 221993-03-07DK/- 1 offspring
CH Guldfakse Duncan BrowneMMCO n 221993-03-07DK/NL 6 offspring
CH Guldfakse Kwani KeeganFMCO n 221993-03-07DK/DK 4 offspring
 MtKittery Hollis of CrosbyFMCO n 09 22US/- 3 offspring
 MtKittery Pequot of TwochatsFMCO n 21US/- No offspring
CH MtKittery Elwood Blues O'YankeecatsMMCO a 211994-03-10US/- No offspring
 Capecoon Remy Martin of SaraJenFMCO n 09 231992-07-21US/- 4 offspring
CH SaraJen Cutty SarkMMCO n 09 231994-04-19US/-6 offspring
SGC Beauport Colby of MtKitteryFMCO n 231990-11-03US/US 15 offspring
 MtKittery LoringFMCO n 23US/- 4 offspring
 MtKittery MadleyFMCO n 23US/- No offspring
RW-GC MtKittery B. B. Bridger of Two ChatsMMCO n 221992-03-15US/US 28 offspring
GC GP MtKittery MachiasMMCO n 231992-03-15US/- No offspring
CH MtKittery HadleyFMCO n 231994-03-06US/DK 6 offspring
GC MtKittery LewistonMMCO n 211994-03-06US/- 5 offspring
 MtKittery Milo of SeascapeMMCO n 211994-03-06US/US 2 offspring
 MtKittery Wyscasset of RuffntuftsMMCO n 231994-03-06US/- No offspring
QGC MtKittery Wilton of KatiecoonsMMCO n 231995-12-08US/- 1 offspring
TGC Willowplace Absinthe of SaraJenFMCO n 231991-12-02US/US2 offspring
 SaraJen KronenbergMMCO n 211994-10-01US/- No offspring
 Cozy Farm Blue MagicFMCO a 231993-12-06DK/SE 5 offspring
 Glowcoon K1MMCO a 221996-06-14SE/- No offspring
 Glowcoon KickasquawFMCO a 221996-06-14SE/- No offspring
 Glowcoon KnockoutMMCO a 221996-06-14SE/NO 1 offspring
 Mount Bigelow Irapuato JiveFMCO ns 221996-06-08NL/DK 2 offspring
CH Cozy Farm MedusaFMCO n 221998-05-26DK/DE 4 offspring
 Cozy Farm Saphire of BrocstarFMCO a1998-05-26DK/- 1 offspring
CH Capecoon Calamity JayneFMCO n 221996-01-15US/SE 17 offspring
 Indigoo's Star Ex-QuidMMCO n 221997-11-14SE/SE 4 offspring
WW IP Cozy Farm Ginger RogersFMCO f 231995-04-27DK/DK6 offspring
CH Guldfakse Chief Plenty CoupsMMCO d 231997-03-31DK/DE 3 offspring
GIC WW96 Cozy Farm Betty BoopFMCO f 221994-03-15DK/DK7 offspring
 Cozy Farm BlackmailMMCO n1998-06-19DK/- 4 offspring
 MtKittery ChelseaFMCO fs 21US/- 3 offspring
 MtKittery Cumulonimbus of NexxaMMCO ns1993-07-30US/- No offspring
IC Guldfakse DakotaFMCO f 09 231993-12-30DK/DK 9 offspring
 Cozy Farm PandoraFMCO f 09 221996-04-23DK/- No offspring
 Cozy Farm Red PepperMMCO d 231996-04-23DK/-3 offspring
 Cozy Farm DemoraFMCO n 221997-03-09DK/DK No offspring
 Mainetara Zoe's Choice of WyldhavenFMCO n 09 221991-06-11US/US 3 offspring
CH Wyldhaven Zoe's DianaFMCO n 091994-09-16US/US 1 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.