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Offspring of IW-SGC SaraJen Jaegermeister, M, MCO n, 8/11/99, US/US43 offspring
 Coonyham Mission Blue of FogcityFMCO a5/14/00US/US2 offspring
CH Fogcity Perfect StormFMCO n1/19/02US/US 3 offspring
MST Fogcity Rollin Thunder of Le Beau MinuMMCO n1/19/02US/US 15 offspring
 Mainesuspect Geisha of JavacatsFMCO g 09 226/16/01US/US 3 offspring
GIC Mainesuspect FirestormMMCO d 09 2211/6/03US/UK8 offspring
RW-CH Mainesuspect Tizian of TuscaloosaMMCO d 09 2211/6/03US/AT 14 offspring
RW-TGC Mainesuspect India Pale of SaraJenFMCO fs 09 226/26/00US/US5 offspring
 SaraJen Aerol of BlackhornMCOUS/- No offspring
CH SaraJen Sir Gorham of BlackhornMMCO ns 218/1/02US/- No offspring
 Mainesuspect Caol Ila of SaraJenFMCO n 09 226/22/02US/US 11 offspring
GC SaraJen Samuel Adams of FogcityMMCO n 2210/23/03US/US5 offspring
 SaraJen Surry of MtKitteryFMCO n 2210/23/03US/- No offspring
 Stacalone 100 Pipers of SaraJenFMCO n 09 223/25/01US/US 4 offspring
CH SaraJen Zoe of CabincoonFMCO n 097/23/02US/US 2 offspring
 SaraJen Dixie StingerFMCO n 0912/6/02US/US1 offspring
 SaraJen FostersMMCO n 09 229/16/03US/- No offspring
 SaraJen McKaley of LostcoastFMCO n 099/16/03US/US No offspring
CH Cooneyisle Tizzylish of SaraJenFMCO fs 09 228/15/01US/US 7 offspring
IW-SGC SaraJen Boswell SB of TerracoonMMCO ns 09 22US/US 6 offspring
 SaraJen MickeyMMCO ds 09 22US/IT 14 offspring
 SaraJen Chesapeake of QuinsigamondFMCO n 09 227/8/03US/US No offspring
 SaraJen Shenan of MerrymewsFMCO ns 09 222/3/05US/US 1 offspring
 SaraJen Harvest Moon of TymackMMCO ds 09 226/10/05US/- No offspring
 SaraJen McKenzie Abbey 8FMCO n 09 226/10/05US/US 2 offspring
 SaraJen Georgia MoonFMCO f 2212/26/03US/US 5 offspring
 SaraJen Black N TanMMCO n 212/9/05US/- No offspring
 SaraJen Zahara of Velvet JewelsFMCO n 2211/24/05US/US5 offspring
CH Unicoon Water Lily of MainesuspectFMCO f 09 226/16/98US/US 7 offspring
 Mainesuspect NiobeFMCO f 0911/27/03US/CH No offspring
 Fogcity Syrah of SaraJenFMCO n 09 232/21/04US/US 1 offspring
 SaraJen Stella ArtoisFMCO n 09 236/5/05US/US 2 offspring
 Coonyham Kahlua N Cream of SaraJenFMCO n 09 226/9/00US/US 1 offspring
CH SaraJen Austin of WidowswalkMMCO n 09 229/18/01US/US 2 offspring
CH SaraJen Silver Rain of JavacatsFMCO ns 09 229/3/02US/- 3 offspring
 Javacats Clouds In My CoffeeFMCO ns 091/22/04US/- No offspring
CH Coonyham Trooper of SaraJenFMCO f 09 222/20/97US/US 3 offspring
RW-SGC SaraJen Four Roses PremiumFMCO f 09 223/15/02US/US No offspring
 Tropikoons La Jolla of SaraJenFMCO ns 09 228/19/05US/US 7 offspring
 SaraJen Cinderella of Battle Creek'sFMCO ns 09 223/7/07US/- 3 offspring
 SaraJen CristallFMCO ns 093/7/07US/US 2 offspring
 SaraJen Moonshine of CabincoonFMCO ns3/7/07US/US No offspring
CH SaraJen Nidoba of FogcityFMCO ns 22 092/7/08US/US 2 offspring
 SaraJen Ramazotti of LowstonecreekMMCO ns 09 222/7/08US/DE6 offspring
 SaraJen Velut Luna of MainesuspectFMCO ns 092/7/08US/US No offspring
CH Nascat Danica Patrick of Kelim CoonsFMCO g 09 2212/24/05US/US 4 offspring
 Kelim Coons Dodge ChargerMMCO n 09 222/12/07US/US 8 offspring
 Kelim Coons FalconFMCO n 09 222/12/07US/- No offspring
 Kelim Coons New England PatriotMMCO n 09 222/12/07US/- No offspring
 Lunarcoons Portia of MainesuspectFMCO n 09 224/28/05US/US 5 offspring
 Mainesuspect Cicada of DracoonflyFMCO n 223/21/07US/- No offspring
CH Florabunda White Russian of SaraJenFMCO n 092/6/99  2 offspring
 SaraJen Nighthawk of CoonyhamMMCO 09US/US 1 offspring
RW-QGC Lunarcoons Sky of LostcoastFMCO n 2212/31/02US/US 2 offspring
 Lostcoast Nubian CanoFMCO n7/17/05US/US 3 offspring
CH Nascat Mille Miglia of McDenzingerFMCO n 09 234/20/07US/AT 7 offspring
 McDenzinger FelixMMCO n 09AT/AT 1 offspring
 McDenzinger Sirius BlackMMCO n 096/10/08AT/AT 4 offspring
 McDenzinger BootsFMCO n 09 2310/6/08AT/AT 1 offspring
 SaraJen Tullamore DewFMCO f 09 2210/11/07US/US 4 offspring
IW RW SGC SaraJen Solo of A Nice MoonMMCO n9/28/08US/NL25 offspring
 SaraJen Triple ShotFMCO f 099/28/08US/US 1 offspring
 SaraJen Billy JoFMCO f 222/27/08US/US 1 offspring
RW SGC SaraJen Blackberry of WhatatrillFMCO n3/13/09US/US 1 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.