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Offspring of EC Godfather Kassiopeia, F, MCO n 09 23, 2000-01-18, FI/FI9 offspring
IC Pinewoods Alcarin DunedainMMCO n 221999-12-27FI/FI 4 offspring
 Pinewoods Day'n NightFMCO n 092001-10-26FI/FI 2 offspring
CH Pinewoods Deacon BluesFMCO n 09 222001-10-26FI/FI 1 offspring
EC Løve Hulen's BountyMMCO n 222001-03-10DK/FI 10 offspring
 Pinewoods F Agador of LacocoonFMCO n 222003-01-01FI/CA 3 offspring
 Pinewoods FantasiaFMCO a 092003-01-01FI/AT 2 offspring
 Pinewoods FlamencoFMCO n 09 232003-01-01FI/FI 2 offspring
GIC Lacocoon Blue Jay Way-of-PinewoodsMMCO a 09 222000-11-14CA/FI11 offspring
 Pinewoods GaladrielFMCO n 09 232003-10-04FI/NONo offspring
CH Pinewoods GwaihirFMCO n 09 232003-10-04FI/FI 1 offspring
EC WestCoon Charles MooreMMCO d 222003-12-11FI/FI 3 offspring
 Pinewoods MaïaFMCO f 09 232005-03-15FI/BE 2 offspring
CH Pinewoods MirielFMCO g 09 222005-03-15FI/FI 9 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.