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Offspring of Libraaten's Avedine, DM, F, NFO n 23, 1986-11-30, NO/NO16 offspring
 PutteMNFO n 221978-09-15NO/NO 6 offspring
 Flatland's DagfinnMNFO1990-12-13NO/- No offspring
GIC Flatland's DagmarFNFO n 231990-12-13NO/NL25 offspring
EC Flatland's DanielMNFO n 231990-12-13NO/DK148 offspring
 Flatland's DidrikMNFO n 231990-12-13NO/DK 7 offspring
 Flatland's DitlefMNFO1990-12-13NO/- No offspring
 Flatland's DortheFNFO n 231990-12-13NO/- No offspring
EP EC Truls av Bolke, DMMNFO n 09 231987-12-15NO/NO71 offspring
EC Flatland's Celius, DMMNFO n1990-04-01NO/DK111 offspring
CH Flatland's CinderellaFNFO n 09 221990-04-01NO/NO 7 offspring
EC Flatland's Clara, DMFNFO n 09 231990-04-01NO/DK70 offspring
EC Flatland's Copper CoinMNFO n 09 211990-04-01NO/- 14 offspring
 Flatland's CoraFNFO n 231990-04-01NO/- No offspring
GIP EC Pan's Polaris, DMMNFO n 091984-10-05NO/NO168 offspring
 Flatland's BastianMNFO n 091989-03-27NO/- No offspring
WW'91 EC Flatland's Bjørnstierne, DMMNFO n 221989-03-27NO/DK167 offspring
 Flatland's BolarissaFNFO n 091989-03-27NO/DK 3 offspring
IC Flatland's Brynhilde, DMFNFO n 09 221989-03-27NO/DK36 offspring
IC Flatland's BusterMNFO n 091989-03-27NO/NO16 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.