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Offspring of EC Faerie Kiss Isotta dalle Bianche Mani, DM, F, SBI b, 2/2/04, IT/IT7 offspring
CH Faerie Kiss Kubla KhanMSBI n4/25/04IT/- 20 offspring
CH Faerie Kiss Landeval LavanderMSBI c6/7/05IT/FI 10 offspring
PR & IC Faerie Kiss Leo DegranceMSBI a6/7/05IT/FI 14 offspring
 Faerie Kiss LohengrinMSBI b6/7/05IT/- No offspring
 Sinah's Viscount ValentinoMSBI a8/5/05AT/- 11 offspring
 Faerie Kiss Ma'am ElentáriFSBI b9/15/06IT/FI 7 offspring
 Faerie Kiss ManwëndilFSBI c9/15/06  No offspring
IC Zhamanen Fangio, JWMSBI n10/28/05FI/-35 offspring
 Faerie Kiss Raimel of LoventelMSBI bIT/- 4 offspring
 Zhamanen Private ShowMSBI d10/1/07FI/- 5 offspring
 Faerie Kiss PandistellaFSBI f1/29/09IT/- 1 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.