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Offspring of RW-SGC Kitty-Up Skrimshander of Mannahatta, M, MCO ns, 2/19/98, US/US20 offspring
QGC SaraJen Mrs H.B. Stowe of MannahattaFMCO n 095/22/99US/US 1 offspring
 Mannahatta BohdanMMCO n 095/21/01US/- No offspring
CH SaraJen Isle-of-JuraFMCO n 229/1/97US/US 3 offspring
IW-SGC SaraJen JaegermeisterMMCO n8/11/99US/US 43 offspring
 Dorwill Ariella of MagikatzFMCO n 226/1/96US/US 4 offspring
 Imagikatz Jersey Devil of RocquooneMUS/US No offspring
 Magikatz Jersey Devil of RocquooneMMCO ns8/3/00US/- No offspring
CH Cloistercoon Raven of MannahattaFMCO n3/19/98US/US8 offspring
 Mannahatta Pocasset of QuinsigamondFMCO nsUS/- No offspring
RW-SGC Mannahatta BillingsgateMMCO ns1/6/00US/-No offspring
 Mannahatta Flufernuter of SalemcoonFMCO ns1/6/00US/- No offspring
 Mannahatta Whipper of WasychiganFMCO ns1/6/00US/US 4 offspring
CH Mannahatta MoosebecMMCO ns6/9/03US/US4 offspring
RW-QGC Mannahatta Kerkeslin of PurryderocMMCO ns5/13/05US/CA4 offspring
CH Kitty-Up Hopi of MannahattaFMCO fs 229/19/96US/US8 offspring
 Mannahatta Lakota Red SkyMMCO ds 2212/15/03US/- No offspring
 Mannahatta CaribouMMCO d 2212/31/04US/US 3 offspring
CH Mannahatta Lady ShawneeFMCO ns 2212/31/04US/FI 1 offspring
 Mt. Paws Kyrie of CloistercoonFMCO gs 118/1/96-/US 3 offspring
 Cloistercoon Silver ChaliceFMCO ns 11  No offspring
 Cloistercoon Winchester CathedralMMCO ns 11  No offspring
 Flasheba Midnight Velvet of CalimarFMCO n3/30/93US/US 2 offspring
 Calimar Lamas Night of BlueblazeFMCO as10/12/99US/US 2 offspring
 Quinsigamond Acadia of MannahattaFMCO f 09 227/15/02US/US5 offspring
 Mannahatta Ruger of WasychiganMMCO n 09 21US/- 2 offspring
 Kitty-Up Calimity JayneFMCO ns 094/6/06US/US 3 offspring
 Kitty-Up CherokeeFMCO ns 097/7/07US/US 1 offspring
 Kitty-Up ShawneeFMCO n7/7/07US/US 1 offspring
 Kitty-Up Wyatt EarpMMCO ns7/7/07US/DE 3 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.