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Offspring of DGC Maineline Melrose, F, MCO fs 22, 1985-11-10, US/US4 offspring
GC Kiskata Silver Cloud of SolkatzMMCO ns 231985-09-22US/US9 offspring
 Maineline RoxburyFMCO fs1987-05-31US/US 4 offspring
GC Baumkatz Perseus of PawcatuckMMCO n 09 221982-07-12  14 offspring
 Maineline Tecnicolor of Advent HillFMCO f 09 221989-02-14US/- 4 offspring
SGC Maineline DexterMMCO n 221988-04-08US/US 2 offspring
CH Maineline ChelseaFMCO n 221989-12-02US/US 7 offspring
CH Maineline CynthiaFMCO ns 221989-12-02US/DK 12 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.