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Offspring of RW-SGC Acadiapark Maverick, M, MCO n 09 22, 12/14/99, AT/AT10 offspring
IC Coonyham Napa of Acadiapark, ODFMCO n 09 226/6/95US/AT 12 offspring
RW-SGC-IC Acadiapark Sedgewick of Ann ValentineMMCO n 225/10/01AT/HU 4 offspring
CH Acadiapark Shamrock of TuscaloosaFMCO n 09 225/10/01AT/AT 4 offspring
SGC Acadiapark ShermanMMCO n 225/10/01AT/FR 3 offspring
 Coonmora Momo of AcadiaparkFMCO n 225/5/99US/AT 4 offspring
 Acadiapark Yakira of MacavityFMCO n 22AT/DE 1 offspring
 Acadiapark Vanity FairFMCO n 223/25/02AT/PL 12 offspring
 Acadiapark Yakima of WitchcraftFMCO n 09 229/22/02AT/AT 2 offspring
RW-CH Tuscaloosa No AngelFMCO n 228/21/01AT/AT 10 offspring
 Tuscaloosa TopazeFMCO n 228/16/02AT/- No offspring
 Tuscaloosa TrinityFMCO n 09 228/16/02AT/- No offspring
 Tuscaloosa TwisterMMCO n 228/16/02AT/- No offspring
 Acadiapark PawneeFMCO n 229/26/00AT/AT 1 offspring
 Acadiapark TigerlillyFMCO n 2212/18/01AT/IT 8 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.