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Offspring of Walmet Stroker of Capecoon, M, MCO n 22, 1992-04-07, US/US36 offspring
 Capecoon Cassidy of LedgewoodFMCO n 221994-05-20US/US 9 offspring
 Capecoon PenobscotMMCO n 22US/- 1 offspring
 Capecoon Tequila of MistygrisMMCO n 22US/- 4 offspring
 Capecoon Chattanooga KissFMCO n 221995-07-02US/- 3 offspring
EC Capecoon DschafarMMCO n1995-07-02US/DE 15 offspring
IC Stars'n'stripes Lady GodinaFMCO n 09 221996-05-01  3 offspring
 Proud Mary Sarotti of Nice TigersMMCO n1998-08-05DE/- 2 offspring
IC Proud Mary Wanda of Crazy BuddiesFMCO n 221998-08-05DE/CH 3 offspring
CH Løve Hulen's WichitaFMCO n 221996-03-01DK/DE8 offspring
CH Bolero von Golzheim of Crazy BuddiesMMCO n 221998-11-16DE/CH 1 offspring
 Etan von GolzheimMMCO n 221998-11-16DE/DE 1 offspring
CH Etna von GolzheimMMCO n 211998-11-16DE/DE 5 offspring
 Hoppia von GolzheimFMCO n 221998-11-16DE/DE No offspring
 Capecoon RamonaFMCO n 221994-02-02US/US 2 offspring
 Capecoon Cape of Pawnee CoveFMCO n 221995-04-23US/US 2 offspring
IC Capecoon Mufasa of Mt.MachiasMMCO n 221995-04-23US/DE 4 offspring
 Capecoon JillianFMCO n 09 221994-12-01US/US 5 offspring
 Capecoon Boston BuccaneerMMCO nUS/FR 3 offspring
 Capecoon Madonna of WyndabbeyFMCO n 09 22US/- No offspring
CH Capecoon Moon RiderFMCO nUS/US 1 offspring
GC Capecoon CastineFMCO n 09 221995-12-17US/US 1 offspring
 Capecoon Phoebe of TemoraFMCO n1995-12-17US/US 1 offspring
 Capecoon LaylaFMCO n 221992-08-06US/- 6 offspring
 Capecoon AcadiaFMCO n 22US/GB 2 offspring
 Capecoon Mariah CareyFMCO n 211996-01-13US/- No offspring
 Capecoon MargotFMCO n 09 221992-10-13US/US 6 offspring
CH Capecoon Georgina of NovacoonsFMCO n 211993-10-25US/US 3 offspring
CH Capecoon Lasher of CaribcoonsMMCO n 221993-10-25US/- 5 offspring
 Capecoon Savannah of Chateau MereFMCO n 211993-10-25US/US No offspring
 Capecoon Spofford of Mystic HollowMMCO n 09 211993-10-25US/- No offspring
 Capecoon AslanMMCO n 211993-10-28US/- No offspring
 Willowplace Pollyanna of CapecoonFMCO n 231992-05-04US/US 3 offspring
 Capecoon Sweet DixieFMCO n 221993-08-22US/DE 1 offspring
EC Capecoon BambiMMCO n 221994-12-07US/DE No offspring
 Capecoon FrancescaFMCO n 221994-12-07US/US 1 offspring
 Capecoon NatalieFMCO n 09 221991-02-08US/US14 offspring
DGC Capecoon True Romance of LuvpawsMMCO n 09 221994-02-02US/CA 5 offspring
 Capecoon AmeliaFMCO n 09 221992-09-01US/US 7 offspring
 Capecoon Betty BoopFMCO n 09 221994-07-25US/CH 2 offspring
 Jonas vom JägersteigMMCO n 221995-06-20DE/- No offspring
 Willowplace Shannon of CladdaghcoonFMCO n 231991-10-19US/US 8 offspring
 Claddaghcoon MoiraFMCO n 221993-12-18US/US 2 offspring
 Claddaghcoon Molly MaloneFMCO n 231993-12-18US/US 3 offspring
 Capecoon FelicityFMCO nsUS/US 1 offspring
 Capecoon SashaFMCO ns 22US/- 2 offspring
CH Willowplace Diamond of CapecoonFMCO n 09 221988-08-10US/US 24 offspring
 Capecoon Ladydazy ShannonFMCO n 211993-10-15US/- No offspring
 Khamsin Fran Danse of CapecoonFMCO n 221990-07-28US/US 5 offspring
 Capecoon Xkalibar of PynestoneMMCO n 221994-10-03US/- 2 offspring
 Capecoon JinxFMCO f 221994-07-23US/US 2 offspring
CH Capecoon Magdalena of WyndabbeyFMCO n 221995-09-07US/CA 2 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.