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Offspring of CH Sanddrop's Susan, F, NFO f 09, 1982-07-23, NO/FI20 offspring
IC Satukissan EgilMNFO n 221981-06-17FI/- 39 offspring
 Satukissan Carl-GustavMNFO n1988-05-28FI/- No offspring
EC Satukissan FanniFNFO f 221988-11-10FI/FI 2 offspring
IC Colosseum's FergusMNFO n 09 231981-01-15NO/SE47 offspring
 Niro's DecoraFNFO f 091983-06-29  2 offspring
GIC Niro's DittoMNFO n 231983-06-29 7 offspring
EP & EC Niro's DunderMNFO n 231983-06-29NO/NO25 offspring
 Koivuhaan FelicitasFNFO n 231983-11-04FI/- 10 offspring
 Koivuhaan FenjaFNFO n 09 231983-11-04FI/- No offspring
 Koivuhaan FergusMNFO d 231983-11-04FI/- 1 offspring
 Koivuhaan FeroniaFNFO n 09 231983-11-04FI/- 5 offspring
IC Satukissan FransuMNFO n 09 221982-01-13FI/- 10 offspring
CH Koivuhaan HectorMNFO n 221984-11-19FI/- 11 offspring
 Koivuhaan HenriettaFNFO n 09 221984-11-19FI/- No offspring
PR Koivuhaan HerculesMNFO d 09 211984-11-19FI/- No offspring
 Koivuhaan HermeciaFNFO f 091984-11-19FI/- No offspring
 Koivuhaan HeroMNFO n 091984-11-19FI/- No offspring
 Koivuhaan JasmineFNFO n 09 221987-03-11FI/- 5 offspring
 Koivuhaan JattaFNFO f 09 221987-03-11FI/- No offspring
 Koivuhaan JennikeFNFO f1987-03-11FI/- 11 offspring
CH Pan's TingoMNFO d 09 221984-07-21NO/FI 28 offspring
 Koivuhaan IirisFNFO d 221986-07-09FI/- 10 offspring
 Koivuhaan InesFNFO f1986-07-09FI/- No offspring
IC Gjervfjellet NeroMNFO n1987-03-18NO/FI46 offspring
 Satukissan LylyMNFO n1989-11-03FI/- No offspring

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