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Offspring of MtKittery Towanda of SaskaKhan, F, MCO n 23, 1995-08-22, US/DE10 offspring
IC Coonmora Red Flash of SaskaKhanMMCO d 09 221995-03-31US/DE 27 offspring
 SaskaKhan Blacky MMCO n 09 21DE/- No offspring
 SaskaKhan BrownieFMCO n 22DE/- No offspring
 SaskaKhan Justin of Little HeroMMCO n 09 231997-02-09DE/- No offspring
 SaskaKhan NemesisMMCO n 09 231997-02-09DE/DE8 offspring
 SaskaKhan Tiglat AssurMMCO n 09 221997-02-09DE/- 6 offspring
 SaskaKhan PhotomacMMCO n 231999-01-11DE/- No offspring
 SaskaKhan TariMMCO d 221998-07-25DE/DE 19 offspring
 SaskaKhan California LoveFMCO fDE/- No offspring
 SaskaKhan Mic MacMMCO n 222000-04-20DE/- No offspring
 SaskaKhan PenelopeFMCO g 222000-04-20DE/DE 9 offspring
EC SaskaKhan Yankee Doodle Dundee of EmstalMMCO es 09 111994-04-10DE/DE 18 offspring
 SaskaKhan McIntoshMMCO n 221998-10-29DE/-No offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.