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Offspring of Southmoor Black Taboo, M, MCO n, 11/4/15, NL/NL7 offspring
 Southmoor Copy CatFMCO f 036/15/14NL/NL 16 offspring
 Southmoor Caught by SurpriseMMCO d1/7/17NL/NL No offspring
 Southmoor Guilty PleasureMMCO d 031/7/17NL/NL No offspring
 Southmoor Just a FlingFMCO n 1/7/17NL/NL No offspring
 Southmoor Naughty by NatureMMCO n 031/7/17NL/NL No offspring
 Southmoor One Night StandMMCO n1/7/17NL/NL No offspring
 Southmoor Wild RomanceMMCO d 031/7/17NL/NL No offspring
 Mo & Co Say out LoudFMCO6/15/14NL/-1 offspring
 Hungry Eyes Hot SummerMMCO11/5/17 No offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.