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Offspring of IP & CH Torvmyra's Baldrian, M, NFO n 09 23, 1985-12-24, NO/NO4 offspring
 Flatland's AlexisFNFO as 091985-08-17NO/NO8 offspring
GIP Libraaten's AlexMNFO a 09 221986-11-30  No offspring
 Libraaten's Avedine, DMFNFO n 231986-11-30NO/NO16 offspring
 Åsvangens NadiaFNFO f 091988-09-15NO/- 6 offspring
IC Amoradas Å Sole MioMNFO 09 211986-11-23NO/- 1 offspring
 Amoradas ÅsåfinFNFO f 09 211986-11-23NO/SE 4 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.